Is really late ovulation possible?
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cbella - January 13

I've been to the dr for a 21 day test (for progesterone level) and was told I did not ovulate for 2 months in a row. The dr has suggested clomid, and I am waiting to see if af shows on own or if I need provera again to get that going. Today is cd29 and I've had some ewcm and my temp jumped. Is it at all possible that I could have ovulated on my own this late? I don't want to start provera or clomid if so! Thanks for your info!


Tracy88 - January 13

You should do the ovulation predictor tests on top of temping and checking for EWCM, then there will be no doubt. Even if you do ovulate late, clomid can help you ovulate earlier, but try the OPK's first.


tanner789 - January 13

cbella-i would recommend taking the provera and inducing a period so you can get going on ttc with the clomid. i had really late ovulation too on cd 23 or 24 and my ob told me i was ovulating way too late to conceive b/c the egg didnt have enough time to implant before my period would come and wipe it out, you are normally suppose to ovulate on cd 12-16, so your really late. unless you can stand to wait anohter couple weeks than give it a try but you can waster so many monthes trying to be hopeful a miracle willl happen, you best bet is clomid, i tried clomid too and am now onto clomid with injectables-good luck


tk07 - January 13

hi! I agree with tanner. i wasn't ovulating until sometimes cd 26 and that was way too late. i started clomid and i have been about day 16. and it doesn't make my cycles soooo long and i felt like i was waiting forever.
good luck to you!


pdodero - January 14

Tanner how long was your luteal phase after ovulating so late? I Ovulate around cd 20 and my luteal phase is 11 days how long did you wait to go to dr for clomid? and did the clomid cause any problem like cysts were you on 50 mg did you go to 100mg I am sooo curious I had a tr is Oct and am ttc again I don't know the right times or questions for the dr. baby dust to you all



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