Is Race a Factor?
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KimMcCloud - March 12

I hope to God Nobody pulls this thread apart or gets the least bit offended. But I just have to ask then say why I'm curious. My heart goes out to those TTC and even get teary eyed. Also it amazes me to no end the fertility problems I read here. So I now wonder...Is fertility more prominent in certain races? I am black and I can't speak for all black people. But on the norm in general we RUN from pregnancy. Among my family, friends, neigborhood, and culture...we have to sterilize (tubal) or something permenant to stop it. Like I said, not speaking in general for blacks. But I have NEVER met a black woman that wanted to conceive and did not. Pleasseeeee don't pull me apart..just educate me if we are more fertile people????


pmblake - March 13

Absolutely no offense taken! I understand your curiosity -- although I've never questioned it -- it's a question worth asking. I do know that some medical issues tend to effect more white than black and some issues effect more women than men, etc. I don't have an answer for you but wanted to let you know that I'm not the least bit offended by your question. Hopefully someone out here will have an answer for you!


mother2Bsoon - March 13

Hi KimMcCloud- I am not sure if race is a factor or not in infertility. I know that now that I am married to the most wonderful man in the whole wide world I am ready to have his child. I am African American and I have been ttc for about 18 months. I believe that God will bless us in His timing. Sorry, don't have any hard and fast facts.


KimMcCloud - March 13

mother2Bsoon - I wish you the best and hope you conceive. And you probably will naturally. I just have never Personally met an African American woman who has taken fertility drugs or could not conceive if it's wanted. I have met one that it took a few years but it still happened naturally and then after. But once again..Me personally speaking. I'm sure there are African american woman who have done fertility. Just me or none of my black friends personally know any.


linds99 - March 13

If you think about it, infertility is not exactly something you can say effects one race more than another. I see several black women at my infertility clinic in the city, but when I go to the one in the suburbs, I never see any. Just an observance I made. Also, infertility is not a very open subject, meaning those who are infertile or had trouble but eventually conceive never really talk about it, so it is not known who and who hasn't had "help." Also, think about stratification has a lot to do with who gets access to infertility treatments and who has female issues and who doesn't. If you are poor, don't have insurance, you are also very likely to develop health problems that may not be addressed early on and turn in to a problem that may result in infertility. This is a problem that may effect any race, creed or color, simply because of the lack of money to get a pap smear, get yearly cultures done, get blood tested, etc. These women who fall into the lower social classes are susceptible to infertility because of the lack of medical care they receieve. In terms of you not seeing a black woman that couldn't conceive, I would say that may be the case. Age has a lot to do with it too. If you are young, have a lot of young friends, it is likely they won't have infertility issues. Wait another 10 years and look around at your group of friends and then start making an assessment because that is when infertility really becomes a problem, as a women ages.


linds99 - March 13

I just want to say that age is definitely a factor. Women are born with millions of eggs. But each month, a woman loses 10,000 eggs. The older you get, the fewer eggs you have. That is a fact. When you are younger, you are more fertile. As for some racial statistics, something I found on the internet was interesting... current stats say that 19% of all black teens 15-19 yrs old become pregnant each year, compared with only 8% of white teens. Less well known truth is, African-American couples in the 25-44 age group are discovering that the much-vaunted myth of Black fertility is just a myth. A major problem is that Black couples often fail to get diagnosed and treated for infertility.Still another factor is the negative attitude toward infertility among black men and, to some degree, black women. About 40% of all infertility is caused by a female factor, 40% is caused by a male factor, and 20% is caused by a joint male-female factor. Yet, even if their wives have no infertility problems, many black men don't want to get tested and treated for sperm abnormalities because they equate fertility with potency, they are simply unable to come to grips with the notion that they might be contributing to the couple's infertility. This is from The National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the National Centers for Disease Control. They also said there is "NO difference in fertility rates for White or Black women, aged 25-44. However, according to RESOLVE, a national clearinghouse and support group, infertility is actually 1.5 times higher among African-Americans than Caucasians.


LB - March 14

Ok here is my two cents and noone take it the wrong way please.... I would say that the socio-economic relationships from say white/black, rich/poor is in direct relation to age as opposed to race. I see alot of white women and black women putting their career and financial means ahead of starting a family. If you look at how many women believed that they would just "fall" pregnant when they were in their mid thirties it is easy to see why they would put their careers ahead of getting pregnant. We already know that teenagers and young adults get pregnant alot faster and easier than women who wait til they find the right man, finacially secure, own thier own homes etc.. It is also important to make note of how many partners one has, lets face it ladies it is not many of us that have been with our dh since we were young adults, compared to how many women white or black get pregnant because they have had a few partners every few months/years. If we didn't use protection for all our partners how many of us do you think would still not have a baby now? I would say that white or black it still comes down to when you start to concieve because how many times did we say if only we knew how hard it would be to get pregnant we would have started sooner? it is not as easy to say that all black women are more fertile simply because you have to do a cross analysis based on age and male factor. Meaning that if you took a look at black women and white women of the same age you and same socio economic background you will see that there are almost the same amount of fertility concerns. Infertility affects alot of women of all races, it may not look that way because of the persons around you but let me tell you it does. I am asian and let me tell you i come from a huge family 4 in my family 10 on each side of grandmas, and i am only 30 and going onto 1and a half years of trying to get pregnant. I did concieve naturally on my own before that but my son had passed due to preterm labour at 6 months so let me tell you that puts me into a new class of infertility because i can get pregnant, so i am "classified" as secondary infertility and about to undergo fertility treatments in about a months time. I do have friends that are of the same age, black/white and asian in the same boat as me however alot of them are struggling on their own to get pregnant but you wouldn't know it because they are not seeking fertility treatments simply because they cannot afford to do so. It is expensive and i am lucky enough to have a good job and dh has a good job to be able to afford to do so, because it will run you in the thousands to do rounds of treatments without a guarantee. So you see race is not so much a deciding factor in determining fertility but your economic background and more so on your age, and how long you have been actually trying. Sorry for the long post, like i say it is simply my observation and the people around me.


cspears99 - March 14

Hi KimMcCloud its funny you say that about questioning if its race or not, I work with tons of mexican woman and I tease them all the time about how easy it is for them to get pregnant!!! my dh and I have been trying for over 2 1/2 yrs now with no luck we are both white, and everyone that I personally know that have had problems are white, my mexican and black friends have never had a problem so I don't know maybe other races are born with more eggs or the men have healthier sperm, its a good question???


vistagirl81 - March 14

i believe it depends on the person. i am a black woman, i have been trying over a yr have been on clomid, this is my second offense taken:Pi do not believe there is a real explination.. my mother never had a hard time with kids,, she had 7. but i don;t think that i am different than any other black women because i have a hard time concieving.I do not think that we are more fertile.:P If that was the case i would have a house full:P


KimMcCloud - March 17

Wow! Love everyones response and respect them all. I am currently pregnant 35, black and was using 2 types of Birth control. Got a depo provera shot and used spermicide. And low and behold! I am pregnant for the 6th time. ANd this time with Multilples! I did have a baby at 16, 19, 20, 21, and 23. All by the same man. Now remarried and had sex a few times and boom again. I know every person is different and statistics have their theories and say so. But fertility could be within a person. I believe for myself that every time I lay down I will get up with a baby. Until I do something permanent to stop it..because Birth Control laughs at my body.


lovemy3 - March 17

Well, you just never know. I had 3 kids the 3 times I didn't use anything and now have been trying my hardest to have our 4th and nothing. I guess you just never know. Good luck.



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