Is pregnancy possible withPCOS?
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Clueless - March 2

Hello all! I was diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago, and my husband and I have been ttc for a while now. We have had one m/c 4 years ago, and since then,.... nothing. My last cycle was in Jan. (I acually had 2 cycles in Jan.) the second one stared with very faint pinkish pee (sorry if TMI) and nothing last month but some MINOR cramps which is wierd b/c normally my cramps will double me over. I have talked to my Dr. (after mentionong there was a very slim chance for us to conceive) she is sending my husband and I to an endocronologist (sp?) and I just dont want to get my hopes up (yet again), has anyone here been diagnosed with PCOS and went on to have a successful pregnancy? Any advice will help beyond belief


melanie - March 4

it is possible. I have pcos and 6 months ago I had a m/c. After waiting a cycle (one normal cycle) i did one cycle of clomid I am pregnant again. there is lots of info on pcos on the net. Good luck.


help - March 4

Melanie how far pregnant r u it'sjust that all I seem to read on these sites is that ladies get pregnant on clomid but they seem to miscarry at about 6-9wks are you further along then this pls let me no as I've just done first lot of clomid after trying for 2yrs.


ALH - March 4

My dr says it is possible, I just finished my 1st month on Clomid, so i guess we will see!!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with PCOS. I hope the clomid works!!!


HI - March 6

Hi! I have PCO. I tried for 6yrs to conceive. I finally did but miscarried at 5-6 wks. I went on Clomid up to 200mg but it didn't work. I then started seeing a fertility specialist who put me on fertility shots and was monitored with ultrasound to see if my eggs matured and ovulated. Followed by a IUI I conceived on my second cycle and delivered a beautiful baby. 2 2 1/2 months later I conceived my 2nd baby (on my own to my huge surprise ) and delivered another healthy baby. About a year after my 2nd child I conceived again on my own and had no problems. My youngest is now 2 and I have been trying for the past year to conceive without luck for #4. My doc put me on glucophage which helps promote ovulation for PCO cases. It did work the 2nd month on the med, but I miscarried at 8 wks. We are now trying again using clomid,glucophage and baby asprin to help prevent miscarriage again. Therefore, it is absolutely possible to have a baby with PCO- I have 3 perfect children! Keep trying! Good Luck!


Nika - March 10

Yes it is possible! My fert spec diagnosed me w/ PCOS and placed me on first cycle after one month on the med at full dose I did a cycle of Letrozole, responded well and triggered ovulation with Hcg injection on fifth cycle day...we had a scheduled IUI and I am now 20 weeks pregnant with no complications. I hear a lot of miscarry stats about the Clomid as doctor is not a fan of the med and prescribes Letrozole suggestion would be to ask your doc about this vs Clomid. I wish every one the best of luck!


Joanne S. - March 10

On March 30, I will have been on 1000mg of Metformin for 8 weeks. My last period was on Jan. 25th. I am scared to death to take another hpt because I just know it will be yet another "NEGATIVE"!!! My husband and I have been together for 11 years now, and we have done nothing to keep from getting pregnant. I finally swallowed my pride and had a complete work over done, and they told me I have PCOS and that's why I have not been able to get pregnant. My doc says that she put another patient on Metformin in Nov and in Dec she was already pregnant, but she also said that it doesn't work that fast on alot of people. I have no signs of being pregnant, just feel light headed every now and then and I get extremely tired of the evenings. Has anyone got pregnant so soon after starting Metformin? Should I go ahead and take another hpt? Thanks...



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