is pre-seed the answer
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ad - February 25

hi, anyone out there try pre-seed and did it work for you,, i am definitly ovulating but no fertile mucus, bought pre seed and hoping to use it this month...or are there any natural remedies for bringing on ewcm


Amym - February 25

ad, I have used PreSeed two cycles now and it hasn't helped with conception yet, but it was very helpful with many days of bding. It gets a little difficult after a while. I don't know of any remedies to bring on ewcm but others may. Good luck to you.


Janie - February 26

I am 35 and dh is 42. Things weren't the same (ewcm)as in my 20s, so I ordered Preseed and got pregnant the first month. Good luck to you!


Janie - February 26

also, I used OPKS too.


tina - February 26

love it, its expensive but it didnt work for us. Now into iui's but use it around ovulation time just in case.



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