Is my time running out?
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Rebecca - September 12

I am 29 years old and have no children. My DH is younger than me (25) and we have been having unprotected sex for 2 years. We are ttc and I know that with each year you get older is lessens your chance of conceiving. My OB/GYN says I have plenty of time and he did a fertility work up on me and said that he couldn't see any reason why I physically couldn't conceive. I have no endodemetriosis or PCOS or anything. I do have irregular periods and he is betting that is why I am having a hard time conceiving. He says give it a little more time and if I can't conceive in another year that he will assist me with setting up to see a fertility specialists. he said that I am still young enough to conceive and have healthy children...but my clock is I runing out of time?


Christy - September 12

Hi Rebecca, I am 32 and and ttc for 2 and 1/2 years. My dr. completely blew me off a few years ago when I was concerned about not getting pregnant. We have 2 children which we concieved on the first try in my early 20's. After one year of "trying" he still blew me off. During one of my appts. with him I had a complete tantrum in his office and told him I wasn't waiting any longer and demanded to go to a fertility specialist. we have been diagnosed as "unexplained" but are trying artificial insemination. If I had waited longer like my dr. wanted me to I wouldn't be as far into treatment as i am now. Now i at least have hope to get pregnant. Bottom line is you have been ttc for 2 yrs and thats enough time to warrant a workup by a specialist. Be aggressive! I'm glad i was. ps. no i don't think you are running out of time. However it's time to get the ball rolling! Baby blessings to you*****


mama-bean - September 12

Hello! If you have been ttc for more then 1year and have been unsuccessful, that meets the criteria for the definition " infertile".
Ask your doctor about medications that can help regulate your period. If you aren't getting the support from your doc, then get a new one. You have been trying for 2 years, he should be doing something about your issues. If YOU are concerned, HE should be concerned. The longer you wait to get things checked out, the more potential problems you could have. If you are ready now, do something NOW.
Peace to you.



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