Is my luteal phase too short?
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sas - April 13

I have being ttc since Dec. (stoped the pill in Oct) and have cycles about every 35 days. Last month I just started to monitor my BBT , LH surge and CM. I thought i was not ovulating but then on day 24 I got my LH surge and day 26 my temp went up. Excellent I thought I am ovulating but day 34 (9 dpo) my temp dropped and day 36 started AF! So ok def not pregnant this month, but is a 9/10 Luteal phase to short to get pregnant and stay pregnant? Should I get fertility help now or am i worrying to soon? Baby dust to you all !!!


bump - April 14



Liz - April 15

I would talk to your doctor. I found out I probably wasn't ovulating even though my temps went up, had egg white CM, etc. I went on Clomid and my luteal phase has lengthened.


ali - April 15

if your luteal phase stays above your coverline for 12-16 days they say its ok. 10days gets in the iffy range of holding a pregancy and prob wont hold it. I've been charting 3 months since i stopped the pill and each month seems to add a day to my luteal so if you are young watch it for a few months and see what happens. if you are older or really think there is a problem then go seek some help. my period in 1st month of wasa 32 days then 25 days then 28 days so it seems to be returning to a normal period now too. good luck much baby dust to u


ali - April 15

also u are looking for a temp shift of at least .4 degrees over a 48hr period to indicate ovulation. the shift should be above the highest temp in the previous 6 days allowing 1 temp to get thrown out as an inaccuarate # (sick, fluke etc).check out


sas - April 15

Thanks Liz and Ali. I think i will chart for one more month and see what happens. I am 28 but been off the pill for 6/7 months now so I don't think my cycles are going to change anymore. My temps did rise more than .4 after LH surge but dropped 9 days later came on af 10th day. I read that website thanks Ali. Maybe i should just have a chat with my doc i suppose it will not hurt. This ttc is scary when you find out that you may not be normal.


stacey - April 16

I read that as long as it's atleast 10 days, then you have a good chance.


amy - April 16

Your MD may want to do an endometrial biopsy and blood test to check out your luteal phase and uterus to make sure it is a good environment to support a pregnancy...I would try to chart a couple more months really closely to see the trend in temps.. it's really important to take your temp the same time each day, me personally, I don't chart anymore because it drove me crazy. My doctor even said that when you chart it can throw your cycle off! Crazy how your mind and body work! Also, your luteal phase can vary slightly from month to month so what occurred this month may not happen next month... good luck to you!


sas - April 16

Stacey, Amy thanks! You have given me some hope that i may be fine and normal. Hi again Stacey sopke to you on another thread. Sorry to hear your AF came, was sure it was your month!



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