Is my cycle to short???????
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Ann - March 29

Hi girls, i have read on the net that it is possible for your cycle to be to short and that means the egg doesnt have time to travel and inplant itself. Does antone know if this is true?? My cycles are 24 -25 days all of my pregnant friends have longer cycles! Please help. x


eb - March 29

my re said that as long as there is at least 12 to 14 day in between the day you o and the day your af starts you are okay. I hope this helps you some.


sas - March 29

Hi i am no expert but i think it's the second half of your cycle that needs to be long enough. Around 14 days. so you need to find out when you have ovulated and this becomes the 2nd half of your cycle. This is when you will have a temperature rise. It should stay up for 14days then the day it drops you should start your AF. If your temp stays for longer ie:18 days then it's a sure sign of pregnancy.


kelley32 - March 29

hi ... it depends on when you ovulate, if you ovulate on day 10 or 12, then you should be OK, but if you ovulate on day 14-16 that could be a problem ... the only way to know is to find out when you ovulate.


Ann - March 30

thanks girls, i have been charting and on avarage i ov on day 11/12 so it sounds like i will be ok. Thankyou for your help. x



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