Is it true?
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Rene - July 1

Is it true that a woman needs to orgasam to get pregnant or does it in some way help?


Lena - July 1

Its not true that some woman need to orgasm to become pregnant. It has been believed that the uterine contactions that occur during an orgasm may help propel sperm through the fallopian tube to the egg. But I don't know if research has actually proved this.


Jill - July 1

You can check out the website
for an answer. I've always heard that you don't "NEED" to have one, but if you CAN have one, it helps. Some women have kids without ever having an orgasm, so it isn't a requirement. As long as an egg is about to released, or is waiting, orgasm helps the sperm get to where it needs to go. Hope this helps!



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