Is it possible to...??
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Lisa - July 28

Ovulate twice in a months time frame but have no period inbetween?? I'm overdue for my period, going on day 48 of my cycle, usually ranges from 36-41 days I think. But I've been having EWCM for a day or 2 and I took my temp this morning, just out of curiousity and it was 97.94. I had been taking my temp every day for a month but stopped a couple weeks ago as I thought my AF was coming. My temp I got this morning seems to be on the higher side of anything I ever got when I was taking it every morning, other than a 98.0 and a 98.2(those were the highest I ever got). I took an ept HPT this morning and it said "Not Pregnant". Don't mean to sound dumb, but it's just weird and I'm confused!!



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