is it possible the test is wrong?
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troubleshooting - February 16

well i have been trying to get preganant and it hasnt happened. i took a pregancy the day after i missed my period and it said i want pregnant. i am now a week laste but i havent taken another one yet. has anyon ever experienced this to where the test is worng or something else may have caused tis? i know u can sych yourself out but i havent done that


ahay - February 16

A POSITIVE IS A POSITIVE HOWEVER...Were u pregnant recently and had a miscarriage? You need to retest asap to confirm.


iampg - February 17

perhaps you have just had a longer than usual cycle (winter - less sunshine, lower thyroid functioning..etc) my last cycle was 5 days longer than usual. FF says you have to average out the cycle lengths to know when to avoid disappointing yourself with testing too soon. It advises you when to test. In my case i'm 16 dpo but it says wait 2 more days to test. I know it's discouraging when you see those early 9dpo bfps. but how many of them end in m/c? we don't see the entire pg in most of those cases. i do hope you are pg though!



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