is it possible not to ovulate?
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crystal - March 27

for the last 10 months my cycle has been right on. i can pin point it when i will start my period and when i should ovulate. my cycle has always been 28 days. every month i use the pee sticks to determine my ovulation period and have been dead on. except for this month. i should have ovulated friday or saturday and the pee sticks show that i am not still, and here it is sunday night. we're a young couple, i'm 22, he's 26 have been ttc for 10months, no luck. been to doctors and my tubes are clear and his "guys" are good. we don't use any fertility drugs. the doctors just tell us if we're not prego in six months from jan. then come back in. so my question is after 10 months of charting my ovulation and never wrong, could i not be ovulating this month or could i be off? so frustrating.


ame - March 27

It is possible for you to not be ovulating. This is common with individuals with high levels of estrogen. However, this usually results in you missing your cycle. It is possible you are not releasing progestrine in order to release your egg.


crystal74 - March 27

so should i still continue to use pee sticks for another few days and see if i do or what?


pj - March 27

Hi crystal. I really am not competent to tell you whether you are ovulating or not. I only know that the only way to be sure is to go for ultrasounds (your doc will get repeated ultrasounds to see if follicle is growing and then whether it releases egg). I know that it can be frustrating to wait. My first doc said I should ttc for 6 months and only if not successful, he would try to see if everything is right. Well I wasted all that time, and my first follicular ultrsound showed that I am not ovulating and that I have pcos. But, since, you have regular period, I dont think that can be a problem
You could try seeing another doc. But, I read somewhere that even stress (in this case, that you are trying to get preg and have not) can affect your cycle and even prevent ovulation. anyways Baby dust...


crystal - March 27

thanks ladies for the info. i see my obgyn in a couple weeks so i will let him know and see what he tells me. i think i am too stressed out about not conceiving. i feel like a falure as a woman. that's probably the cause of me not ovulating if that was the case this week. i need a vacation. would love to take time off work if it wouldn't hurt them. but they would be lost without me. oh what to do.


pj - March 28

Relax and Baby dust



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