is it possible???
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vistagirl81 - March 19

my dr gave me clomid so i can start my pd.... i have not had my pd in over 3 mo...He wants me to ovulate then get my pd.... can i get preg with the ovulation???Is that possible to get preg. and not have your pd for a cpl of mo.. this is my second cycle of clomid at 100mg?


Tink - March 19

i am a bit confused. he gave you clomid to start your period? that doesn't make sense, clomid induces ovulation. a drug like provera brings on AF. perhaps we gave you the clmoid instead to make you ovulate a cycle, hoping it would make you have a more regular cycle. yes, ovulation is the only time you can get pregnant. if you are not ovulating, there is no chance of getting prego. THose few days around ovulation are the only days to get pregnant. if you got pregnant, then you would no longer have a period (for 9mos). have you taken a pregnancy test since your period hasn't come? with your crazy cycles and no periods for extended amoutns of time, i would ask for more testing- have you been checkign for PCOS? Endometriosis? both cause irregular periods.


Anny - March 19



vistagirl81 - March 19

he gave me clomid in hopes that i wil get my pd. he said provera was not for me. i have had regular cycles ranigng from 28-30 days... he wants me to ovulate then get my pd... i do not have PCOS or Endometrisis i have been checked for both.. there is no real reason on why my pd stopped so that was what he put me on ( i though provera also) but if i ovulate i was hoping there would be a chance that i can get preg. even though i have not had my pd in so long.:P thank you both for responding to my Questions.:P


Tink - March 19

Clomid won't help bring on your period, but it can help you ovulate. and then hope that after your ovulate that you will expel all the tissue and have your period. clomid can sometimes help you become more regular too. yes, there is a chance you can get pregnant- if you have ovulated this cycle, that is all that matters. are you tracking your temp or being monitored via u/s for follicle growth on clomid? my guess is that you weren't ovulating on your own in the past. clomid will help you ovulate. and hopefully help you be more regular. it did help my cycles which were way irregular- one month it could last 18 days, then the next month i would have a 45 day cycle. it was all over the board. once on clomid, my cycles evened out some to like 30 days or so, i was on it for 6 months which is longer than recommended though. still didn't work for me- I finally did IVF and got my BFP march 1st.



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