Is it PCOS or Pregnancy?
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HotRodGurl - October 20

I was wondering I was diagnoised with PCOS and I was wondering...I never really had any pain before until a month ago but, DH and I were trying to get pregnant and I'm supossed to take metformin but I stopped it cause of side effects and everything but, my period hasn't came yet and I'm on day 36 and the last period I had was on Sept. 14th. Now, after that period I started getting horrible cramps and then a week later my boobs started to get sore and then my nipples started to get hard and slowly everyday I had another symptoms..up until now...I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna puke all the time but don't (guess I havea strong stomach), and I have headaches and I'm tired and my body just feel exhausted...I took 3 pg tests and all came out neg. and I'm wondering if maybe all the symptoms I'm having is it just the PCOS acting up or am I really pregnant and the test aren't picking it up???? what do you guys think?


Mega - October 20

That's hard to say. But those signs can all be pg signs. When was the last time you took a pg test? It could've been too early to test. Did you take the home pg test, or have you gone to the dr yet? If you haven't done so already I'd suggest making an appt. with your dr for a beta. Good luck. I hope you're pregnant, if that's what you want. Baby dust.


nina - October 20

I have all those syptoms and i thought i was pg but it was just pms.I have not been diagnoised with this.Do you think i may have this?


Mega - October 20

Hi Nina. I have PCOS, I was dx. back in April. Do you have long, irregular cycles? Do you know for sure you're ovulating? Those are main indicators of PCOS, or at least they were for me. There are many other possible symptoms as well. If you think you might have PCOS, your OB or RE can do some simple tests (bloodwork, u/s etc) to help figure out what's going on.


to mega from nina - October 20

Yes i do have long somewhat irregular periods.The doctors said because of the cyst i may not be ovulating.


HotRodGurl - October 21

HI, Mega, thanks for responding and yes I took three pg test the first was back on the 11th, the second the 13th and then the last one on the 15th-one day after my af was assuming to start. They were all really cheap brands and test for 25 ml. and I thought maybe I don't have enough in me to get a positive. I haven't test again it will be a week tomorrow. And I have an appt. on the 25th to see the dr. which is next tuesday meanwhile I've been trying to take care of myself. Is a beta the same as a blood test or what is a beta I noticed many people using that word? I hope I am too earlier while driving in the car I was smelling mexican food like really detailed hubby couldn't smell it...and we weren't driving anywhere near a mexican food was weird. We are hoping I'm pg. fingers crossed. Nina, It's so hard to determine the difference between pms and pg. Although I was dx back in june or july of this year I never had these symptoms before ever in my life. So, it's all new to me and I'm just wondering if it was pms I would have had these symptoms before or at least one or two of them but I didn't until, that's why I'm beginning to wonder if I might be pg.



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