Is it ovulation Help!!!!
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trying for #3 - December 18

Hi ladies I hope all is doing4well. I have a quick question, I have never known before when I have ovulated, and because I have pcos it is even harder. Any ways I just finish my AF 2 days ago and I am doing the FAM way of trying to conceive any ways I was just doing the cervical mucus test today, in which I finally figure out how to do it properly and I had 2 counts of that egg white strecty stuff come out, it was so much and it stretched so much that I got excited, now my question is it is to soon to ovualate after a period and is this a sign of ovulation..please help ladies, I am overly excited..


to trying for #3 - December 18

Sounds like the right consistancy. But 2 days after AF is "technically" too soon. But again, I have read that women can O twice a month. Extremely rare-and not every month- but it can happen. Good Luck!


trying for #3 - December 18

Oh thank you very much for your answer, I also forgot to mention this is cd11 for me, so I will keep trying to see what happens..thanks again


me - December 20

If I could give you some advice from one PCOS person to another, when you are noticing your EWCM, have sex every other day to maximize the sperm and chance of conception. I have PCOS and did that and now I am pregnant. Couldn't hurt to try right? Good luck!


trying for #3 - December 20

Thank you ME. well the EWCM has stopped so I guessed I have o'ed, I did BD both days so we will see what happens


trying for #3 - December 20

hi ME i just wanted to know did you use any medication for ovulation. I am currently breast feeding and not taking meds. I forgot to mention congrats on your pregnancy



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