Is it ok to eat spinich dip when trying to conceive?
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lana - March 16

I get cravings for it every once in awhile and decided to buy some. We are trying to concieve and I'm wondering is it ok to eat or should I avoid it?


Lilu - March 17

It actually great to eat spinach dip b/c spinach is a great source of vitamins!! Was this a serious question???


Nikki - March 17

Can spinach dip be bad for your fertility?!! I hope not, I love that stuff!


Maren - March 17

While spinich has a lot of vitamins it may have some heavy creams. I have heard dairy isn't so good. If it is very heavy I would avoid it.


Cam - March 17

Ladies! too much ! relax and enjoy yourselves....I think everyone worries about the most minute things...Let not forget a healthy balanced diet is the way to go.I doubt eating spinach dip or chcoclate or peas will prevent you from conceiving.


Emily - March 17

OMG! Don't eat it!! I ate it and I payed for it dearly. That is some bad sh-t. PLEASE LADIES....don't eat the spinach dip if you want a baby!!!


lana - March 18

It was an actual question because it has mayonaise in it and i didnt know if that was ok to eat or not.


Jeanette - March 18

Oh Lord! Please don't eat the mayo. That can make you infertile!


TO: LANA - March 18

I totally agree with you Cam. People get too worked up over things. Don't listen to anyone about not eating spinach dip. ENJOY IT!!!!!!! Life's too short to fret about the small things. Think about all the people who actually smoke or drink or even eat a lot of junk food and they go on to have babies.


lana - March 18

thankyou for reminding me to relax and enjoy. It is the one thing I eat that allows me spinich which is really good for us.Jeannette where did you read it would make you infertile ??


for Jeannette - March 18

Is shop-bought mayonnaise safe for pregnant women to eat?.........................

mayonnaise is generally made from pasteurised egg and therefore should be safe for pregnant women to eat, but make sure you follow the storage instructions on the jar.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid home-made mayonnaise because it can contain raw unpasteurised egg and so there's a potential risk of salmonella. Occasionally you might see fresh mayonnaise in shops. It will be kept in the chilled section and have a 'Use by' date. Unless you can check that it doesn't contain raw egg, it would be best to avoid this during pregnancy.



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