Is it normal to worry?
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Melissa - August 13

I am 20, and my husband is 23. We have only been married for 6 months (newlyweds!!!) so we don't want to start having kids just yet. I just have this gut feeling that I can't get pregnant. We haven't tried to get pregnant or anything yet, I think we're going to start in about 2 years. I have been on birth control pills for a little over 2 years now. Over this time period I have missed a few pills here and there, but never accidentally became pregnant. Then you hear of those girls who miss one pill and get pregnant! Are my birth control pills just working really well? Am I just being paranoid? Is there any way to find out if my husband and I are able to have kids without actually trying, just to put my mind at ease? I think I am worried about it because my adoptive dad can't have kids, and I don't want to be disappointed later on down the road like he was. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.


Laura - August 14

you sound like me-if you really want children its natural to worry that maybe you can't. There is no reason for you to think that you can't so I would try not to worry if possible. The fact that you have missed a few birth control pills and not got pregnant means nothing-it is extremely unlikely that you would have. Getting pregnant is actually not that easy-it certainly doesn't mean that you can't though. there isn't really a test you can take until you start trying but you are still only 20 so there's plenty of time when you decide you want to try. I say you are like me because I have always wanted babies sooo badly that I always worried I would not be able to. As it happens ironically I am having a few probs but I had funny symptoms-and it is not likely that you will have too just because you also happen t be a worrier. I also have faith that I will be okay in the end and am sure the others on the site will be too when its our turn!!!!



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