Is it normal for semen to come out of you after sex?
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Nadia - June 10

I have been trying to get pregnant for six months now. After my dh and I bd, semen comes out. Is that normal? I do lay in bed after sex, but it comes out even though. please help!!


hayley - June 10

yes it is normal for a bit of semen to come out,not all of it may stay in! it only takes one sperm to concive so dnt worry


Jill - June 10

I read a book written by a fertility doctor that said the human body is one of a few in nature that allows this to happen. My suggestion would be put a pillow under your hips and 2 or 3 under your feet. Lay like that for 30 minutes, and then you're good to go.


Gina - June 10

There are millions of sperm (about 45 million) in each ejaulation. Many of these make it into your uterus within 30 seconds of ejaculation... you don't need to lay in bed for any length of time, or sit with your legs up in the air to keep them in.


Cutie - June 10

Nadiya, it is normal that it comes out. I have heard that it is not sperm, but water like saline....doesnt really matter, but you have plenty in there like the other ladies said. But you know, I would say its a good idea to stay in your bed after BD, with a pillow under...some say for 15 min, some for 30 min... It wouldnt hurt. You know, one of the girlz I know could only concieve with a special cushion under hips (doctor prescribed) Good luck to you :)



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