Is it just me?
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MomtobeIhope - August 24

I have been ttc for years now and I can understand why others in my same boat feel that they can not talk about babies or see their friends babies but me I get mad when my friends will not talk to me about what is going on. I mean it is bad enoght that I can not have a baby of my own but then my friend is having an baby and will not talk to me about it or let me know what is going on. I have told her that it hurts me that she calles everyone else and tells them what is going on but not me and please keep me in the loop but she will not do it. I have asked my other friends what is going on and if I am wrong and they say to just talk to her again. Man first I can not get pg and then when my friends are able they will not let me be a part of it. I think I want to be a part of it because then I can dream of the day it will be my turn. What do you think?


merlee - August 24

I agree with you. It is very frustrating to me that I haven't been able to get preg yet, but I love babies soooo much that I always want to play with one when I see it. Recently a girl I work with got preg and was a little uneasy talking to me knowing that I had been trying for 3 yrs. So I started asking her questions about her pregnancy and now she is not uncomfortable talking with me about it. I am very curious about pregnancy b/c I have never been preg and want to know as much as possible for when it is my turn ( and it will be my turn someday, and yours). My suggestion would be for you to call your pregnant friend often and ask specific questions about being pregnant, like "is it hard to sleep, do your ankles swell, did your taste for foods change" . This should draw her out and convence her that you are interested and want to be a part of it with her. Good luck and don't let this magical time pass you by.


anonomus - August 24

i think you should just ask her questions when ever you see her or are talking to her she will aventually forget that she was uncomfortable about it and will share the experience with you


MomtobeIhope - August 25

Thanks for all the advice. I tried to talk to my friend last night but nothing really changed. I guess that if I can not have a baby then I am not able to talk about it.


Kris - August 25

I understand what you mean! I have 3 sisters and I'm the youngest. I'm the only one who has not had children yet. Whenever the 4 of us get together, all they do is talk about their children and I get left out. I make comments like, I guess I wouldn't know since I don't have kids, to clue them into how they make me feel. But they just don't get it. I am ttc, but haven't told them, because I don't want to feel bad every month when it doesn't happen and have them asking me continuously. But I just wish they would include me in their conversations. I need to know what is going to happen when I get pregnant and have children. You would think they would want to share this info with me.


MomtobeIhope - August 25

I was just with my sister-in-law and she made me feel like cramp. We were at a picnic and a friend of mine and hers came up to us and just found out she is expecting. When our friend went to pick up my nephew from his car seat (8 months old) he started laughing and cooing. My sister in law looked at our friend and said "He knows you are pg he is always happy around pg people." Did I tell you about 4 min before my friend picked him up I tryed and he cried his eyes out. My sister in law was looking right at me. I just wanted to scream.


hi - August 25

aww momtobe thats awful.but you said the magic word "IN LAW".i have yet to meet one i truly liked,lol.i wouldn't fret too much babies can be crabby,you might have approached during one of those moments.besides i held a baby while pregnant it screamed and threw up on me too!!!good luck all ttc...


bump - August 26



they suck - August 26

I have to agree, older sister-in-laws suck! A friend once told me a long time ago never to marry a guy with an older sister. The fact is that I am insulting myself as I am the older sister of a brother but at least I will know how not to act the day he finds his wife-to-be...
That was a terrible thing to say in front of you.


MomtobeIhope - August 28

I have to try and remember that she is his family and when I said I do I said it to all of his family. I just wish she could remember that there are other people in this world that are not as luck as her to have kids.


bump - August 29

bump it up


Helayna - August 29

I know how you feel! My friend got pregnant, and told everyone that she didn't know how to tell me, and that noone else should tell me. It hurt my feelings so much. Finally she made this beig deal about telling me, and started of by saying "don't be mad, but...." I just wish she would treat me the same as everyone else, and let me be happy for her, because I am truly happy for her!!


MomtobeIhope - August 29

Really I know it is bad enoght that we can not get pg right away like some but then they treat us like we are glass if they get pg. I am a person and I am not glass tell me what is going on!!!


bump it up - August 29

bump it up


shirece - September 1

hi momtobeihope,
i know exactly how you feel. i've been ttc since april and just like you i have a sister in law that i dont really care for. well she already has a 2yr old son and i know good as the sun rises everyday that as soon as me and my hubby started trying she'd get may what do you know...guess whos prego..not me. her!!! i was so sick. i cried and cried and didn't speak to her for 3 solid months!! needless to say she m/c 3days later. my husband doesnt understand where i coming from but what man would. anyway i recently started talking to her last week and i feel a lot better. i was like you know whatever...i've been through so many emotions i dont know what to do w/myself anymore i just need to get over it and focus on me. so thats what i did. i explained to her how i feel and it helped me a lot. she's prego again and i'm still a little upset but what can i do about it. i hope things work out for you real soon!! i pray everynight i get prego soon. it will happen for us..good things come to those who wait! :)


Ana - September 3

I think your friend is afraid to hurt you, because you want a baby so badly, or she thinks you might get jealous. One or the other, hopefully, the first idea.



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