Is is still to soon?
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Vanessa - October 2

Hi, I have been trying to conceive for 2 years and have been taking progesterone to reegulate my af since being off bc. I was to go back if af didn't start, but I had light spotting so I thought it was starting on it's own. So I think I ovulated around the 13th of sept. I have had some nausea and lightheadedness and increase in appetite. I also have cramping since af should be starting again. I was hoping this was finally the month. I have taken 3 hpt on the 26, 30 and oct 1st and all are bfn. Do you think it still could be to early to show on a hpt. I have also tried 3 different brands:equate, clear blue and dollar tree brand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Toni - October 2

So you don't have regular cycles now? For some women it does take longer to show up on the hpt. I would try to get a blood test done. I saw at Quest Diagnostics you could pay $40 to have one without a dr script. If you have been ttc for 2 years and the only thing you are on in prog., then I would see a RE. Have you had any tests done? HSG test? etc?


Vanessa - October 3

Toni, My cycles have been irregular since going off bc 2 years ago. Some months I would not have it at all and one time I had it twice in a month. I have had my thyroid and fsh,lh and prolatin checked, also husband was checked. All came back okay. I have taken clomid for 2 months and then I didn't get af for 3 month to take clomid again the dr then started me on progesterone to start af again. We tried on our own and upped the clomid to 100mg but after the next month with progesterone and no success the dr suggested an iui. Since af hasn't come I am at a stand still again. Maybe I should call the dr again but I thought it would come on its own this month again. I guess just wishfull thinking. I haven't had an hsg before. Do you think I should suggest one? Thank you for your response.


Toni - October 3

Vanessa, I would definitely ask about the HSG. And call your dr about your af. The waiting is horrible! I am about to have my first IUI on Wed. Did the clomid make you ovulate? did they do sonos to check etc?


Vanessa - October 4

yes the clomid did make me ovulate, but one month it seemed I ovulated later than usual.I didn't have any sonos. Have you been trying long since you are going for an IUI? Hope everything goes well for you!


Toni - October 4

I actually ovulated sooner on the clomid. I have 4 follicles! The IUI is tomorrow. I have been trying for about 8 months. But I am 39. I have two kids right now but a new husband with no kids. But I was surprised we get to do this at this time. But the cost is not bad so what the heck! Plus I need to get this show on the road! You should be having sonos to monitor the clomid! Maybe you need a different dr? Hang in there!!!


bump - October 5



Me - October 5

Vanessa are you there?


Vanessa - October 5

Toni that is so exciting that you had 4 follicles hope all went well for you. It you don't mind what did they do did you had an ultrasound ahead of and did you have to have a repronex shot before your iui. I had the repronex and was scheduled for an ultrasound but we couldn't do iui that month sine it fell on a weekend. That was in June. Is it protocal or normal that you should have monitored sonos with clomid?


Toni - October 6

Vanessa, my RE said she would be monitoring the clomid anyway with sonos so I am thinking that is normal at their clinic. We decided after the sono to do the IUI this month. I had an ovidrel shot 36 hours before the IUI. I think you should look into another dr./clinic. Just because something hits on a weekend does not mean you can 't have what you need. Mine has weekend hours for just such things. That would be frustrating to have to wait b/c of the weekend! I think you should have a sono to really see what the clomid is doing for you. Can you look into a new place? I just can't believe they didn't do your IUI because of the weekend!!!!!!!


Vanessa - October 7

Well, my insurance covers pretty good there and it isn't to far away. I just feel the nurse wasn't very communicative with me. I have seen the dr twice and he is really good. He did a first time surgery on my sister when she was preg. He put in her circlage(sp). And no one at the hospital has ever done one of those. There just isn't an office around here that is open on the weekends that specializes in that. So that kinda bites. Well hopefully things will turn on the upside and get down to business soon. I agree the waiting does get old.


Toni - October 7

Vanessa, you have more patience than I would! That weekend stuff would drive me nuts. It's just an hour on the weekend for them but another month of waiting for you.



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