Is Ir-regular periods a sign of pregancy?
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Amanda - December 8

Hello, i have a question. I have always had regular periods every since i started a period for seven years now, and all of a sudden for the last two months, i have had only two day long periods and am also having signs of pregancy. But i took two home pregacny tests and they showed up neg? Wondering whats going on, if anyone can give some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks


Mega - December 8

When did you take your last HPT? Right after your first shortened period? It is possible to have period-like bleeding during pregnancy, so I've read. It's possible you're not producing enough hcg to produce a + pg test. If it's been a while since your last BFN HPT, take another one & if it's still - then I'd suggest scheduling a beta blood test. What other symptoms are you having? Good luck! HTH!


Amanda - December 8

Hey Mega,
thanks for your reply, it hasnt been that long since ive taken my last hpt. the sypmtoms that i am having are pretty much, tiredness all the time, nausea, brests itchy and hurting, (with big vains noticable now around boobs that wasnt noticable before?) i dont know if that makes any sense!!! also i am having a white, watery discharge. this morning, when i woke up, i had pains, in my lower abd that i know arent period pains, bc i pretty much know my pains,,!! (hope this is making sense to you!!) and i do use the restroom alot more than usual!!! I did have sexual intercourse almost exactly a week before my last two day period, and i had been runing fever that whole week..well i hope this makes sense to you!! thanks for your imput, and your time!!! it is greatly appreciated!!!! THANKS****


Mega - December 8

You're welcome. I wish I could be of more help. If you really feel that you are pregnant, go with your gut. I'd definitely suggest scheduling a Beta, just to be sure. Also, how bad are the abdominal pain? Not to scare you, but it should definitely be checked out. Just to rule out something like a ectopic pregnancy or a cyst. Good luck Amanda. Hope you get to the bottom of this soon.


Amanda - December 9

Hey Mega, thanks once again for your reply its nice to know that some one on here cares!! the pains arent that bad,,they come and go!!! and not the deep they are like the bottom of my tummy and go to my hips!!!! what is a ectopic pregancy? if you dont mind to tell me!!! thanks for your time and concern!!! greatly appreciated!!!


Mega - December 9

An ectopic pregnancy is pretty rare, but can happen. It's when the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. Can be marked by really bad abdominal pain, but not always. Like I said, it's pretty rare but can be serious if not caught early. Also abdominal pain can be caused by a lot of other far less serious things too. I had a small cyst that caused me quite a bit of discomfort a few months back. Please don't worry, it's probably nothing serious. But if it continues, I hope you get it checked out. Keep me posted. Good luck.


Anna - December 9

Amanda, some women have a low enough hCG level that it may not show up on an HPT in early pregnancy. Some wmen won't even get a ++ until well into their first trimester. Mine was still coming back neg, weeks after I got PG. Even the blood test was neg. But I just knew I was and had a feeling I was. You just know when something isn't normal. Listen to your gut feeling! If you get a blood test and it comes back neg.. insist on an ultrasound before you start on any meds or fertility treatments. That's the sure way of knowing if your PG or not. Good luck and I hope you find out what's going on! *baby dust*


Amanda - December 10

Mega, and Ana----Thanks so much for replying to my messages!! its so great to know that some people on here really care!!! i greatly appreciate both of your imputs!!! Meg--ive look up ectopic pregancy, and i must admit it kinda worries me, but i do believe that one day next week i will go get a blood test!!! Ana--Thanks!! Like you said you body knows when something isnt normal!! Last night i had a spell where i was really sick at my stomach, and felt like i had butterflies in my tummy, and it was both happening at once and i could take it but i was not comft laying down or sitting was really weird!!! But thanks for the imput, and i wish you both the best of luck..Keep Me Posted!!! Good Luck gurls!!!


Amanda - December 10

ana- hey i was also wondering is having a low hcg level common in most women or just common in some? also do you know what causes you to have a low hcg level..thanks for your time!!!! god bless u!!!


Amanda - December 10

Mega, hey u said something to the extent that u had a cyst before here recently, and u were still able to concieve right? well thats what i also wanted to know!! thanks!!! good luck to you!!!!



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