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lovegreettea - August 10

hey everybody - just a quck / stupid question... i have been ttc for some time now. jsut wondering if drinking a cup of green tea everyday can affect conception? i hear its a good thing to do one one henad & that its not a good thing to do on the other. anyone know about this?


KellyN - August 10

Oooo! I LOVE green tea too! I would also like to know. I am also drinking red raspberry leaf tea, which I know is a good tea to drink while ttc. -kelly


D. - August 10

The most recent study states that Green Tea zaps us of folic acid and may not be such a good thing. Many of us have done it for years but if you are concerned about your folic acid levels you might want to avoid or at least cut back. I'm sure tomorrow's research will say there's nothing wrong with it but better to be safe than sorry at this point.



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