Is getting pregnant after shot harder than after the pill??
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Kitten - April 1

It seems like all us ladies TTC after getting off depo are having more than a tough time. But, does the same thing happen after getting off the pill? Two people I know got off the pill and within a month were pregnant, but us PPL coming off depo don't have such luck. Were these two PPL lucky, or is it easier TTC after the pil?? ( Depo should be banned!!)


Amanda - April 1

I took depo for about a year and a half then i went on bc pills for about 6-9 months. we have been ttc for 4 months and no luck. I was told by my dr that depo could take a year to get out of your system and that the pill about one month. So I would say that if you were ttc it would be smarter to take the pill prior.


Kitten!! - April 1

Thanks!! I was on depo for a year and a half and have been trying to conceive for 8 months!! I was just wondering if ppl on the pill had problems like us depo ppl. Its just not fair that we all have to struggle now!! If only I had been informed, but the doctors don't warn us about all these side affects of depo!!


Tammy - April 25

I was on depo 4 about 7 years. I have now been ttc for 9 months!!!! I am very scared to say the least about what it has done to me. My gp says to wait 12 months. i have started to chart for the last 2 months but no luck yet.


Melissa - April 25

Hi Kitten. I was on depo for 8 years and got preg with my first on our first try (I waited 8 months to start trying). But, now I'm trying for # 2 and was on the depo for about 1.5 years and still trying after 4 months. I wionder if its effects are different with age. I'm now 30. How about you?


SS - April 25

I'm not having much luck post-pill, either. It's been about three months with very irregular cycles.


a - April 26

post pill it took me about 9mos to concieve, and that was with some other forms of contraception at random. With depo, no other contraception, and I'm going on 15mos, no luck. If I'd have know that, I would've picked another form of BC after I had my daughter.



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