Is Flying ok when pregnant??
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Ivy - December 31

I am planning a trip and also ttc and wondering what you know about flying and its effect on a fetus. I'm not pg now, but hope to be soon (ttc for 8 months). Any info would be appreciated!


To:Ivy - December 31

It's perfectly safe. They don't recommend women who are 8 months plus, b/c of the chances of going into labor. Why do you have doubts about flying?


Ivy - January 2

I have doubts because a friend said that you shouldn't fly in your first trimester and your last trimester.


Ivy - January 2

Thanks for the adive To:Ivy. Has anyone else been warned about flying during pregnancy?


Samantha - January 3

You should just ask your doctor. This is a good question, hope you find out the answer!


bump - January 3



me - January 3

I've heard that you shouldn't fly in your last trimester.


Mega - January 3

I've heard conflicting things about flying in your 1st trimester. I probably won't, if I can help it, but that's just me. Most drs feel it's okay, but medical opinions do differ on the subject. I agree with the PP who said just check with your dr first. Good luck! HTH!!!


Ivy - January 3

Do you know why flying in the first trimester is not recommended?


Mega - January 3

I've heard that it can increase the risk of miscarriage. But that might be going on older technology, now supposedly it's much safer to fly in the 1st trimester than it was in years past. Again, I'd check with your dr & see what they think. Most likely flying in the first trimester is pretty safe.


me - January 3

Flying is fine up to the third trimester or so. Drs don't like you going away when god forbid you go into labor unexpectedly. Other than that, have a blast!


JenG - January 4

I would not recommend traveling in your first or last trimester. I was pregnant and traveled to Italy at 9 1/2 weeks and then lost the baby at 13 1/2 weeks. While I do not think that this was the cause, I will always wonder what that trip's impact might have been to the health. AND, I will always remember this trip as a sad ending. My OBGYN did not recommend it, although my RE did, because if I had miscarried while in Italy or had strange symptoms, it would have been a VERY difficult situation....
Having said that, there is no evidence that 1st trimester traveling is a no no.

BUT, I would not hold up making plans... many of my friends, myself included... made plans/trips, got excited... just to find out after all said and done... we were pregnant! Good jynx I think!


Ivy - January 5

Thanks for the response JenG. So I'm hearing to make the plans, but if I find out I'm pg, I shouldn't go? My prob. is that I do my hpt in a week, but need to make the flight arrangements by this weekend!!


JenG - January 5

I would go ahead and plan... but in the back of your mind you and your DH should discuss what to do if you find out some good news. Worst for us would have been an extra cost of $100 for each ticket to move to another time for our non refundable tickets. That's not too bad of a hit. Plus, at the time, I was fortunate not to have morning sickness too badly, but every afternoon took a 2hr nap and felt out of it during the whole trip! That's alot of money to spend... and not enjoy it 100%. Your 1st trimester, regardless of morning sickness, is very taxing on your body as sooo much is growing at this time. We did not do anything too crazy, yet it was very exhaustive... plus I could not have the good Italian wine to boot! Looking back, I would have still went ahead and made plans and do not regret this. You can't hold back your life waiting... You will not have too much time left for vacations with just you and your hubby. Hope this helps!


Ivy - January 6

Thanks, JenG. That helps a lot!!!! Does anyone know why flying would be bad? Is it the pressure changes?


JenG - January 6

There is nothing wrong with flying, especially on a commerial airline. On longer trips, such as the one I took, you need to be careful about dehydration and blood circulation. I think it is more to do with being away from home and your doctors if something were to happen. They cannot guarentee the medical treatment and care you will receive...



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