Is diarrhea possible in very early pregnancy??
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Kelly - April 10

Does anyone know if diarrhea is common in early pregnancy? I have not started my period and have been spotting the past 3 days. Today I had diarrhea and thought maybe I am fixing to start my period because I have always heard constipation is a sign, not diarrhea...I am confused, can anyone help>


Tiffany - April 10

I don't know if it's an official sign, but I also got diarrhea and was very gassy. Good luck


Holly - April 21

I had horrible diarrhea for weeks before I ever knew I was pregnant. You might want to check out They have a forum for "Is diarrhea normal in pregnancy?" There are LOTS of posts there with different stories. I personally think it's a huge sign that is overlooked by doctors. You'll see what I mean if you find the forum. Good luck! I know it's not fun, but it'll be worth it in the end.


kathy - May 18

that is not nice! kelly dont listen to that post hopefully you are pregnant anything is possible as a sign everyone is different.


Melissa - May 18

Ok, we've had some very mean people on here lately. Kelly, I too had diarrhea with my pregnancy. How far po are you?


lisa - May 18

i dont understand what is going on here lately but there is alot of mean things being said and crazy stuff, what happened to being nice in this world and helping others, baby dust to all!


marie - May 20

i had diarehea as well, early way before i took a hpt. do you know if you are yet?


JoAnne - May 20

I had diarrhea probably 2 weeks I before even had a clue I was pregnant. I guess I didn't know it was this common. I will also check out thank you Holly.


Kelly - May 21

I was not pregnant--unfortunately. I am in 2ww now after a cycle of clomid. It turns out I did not ovulate. I was so sure I was pregant too. I had all the symptoms except diarrhea (I thought consitpation was a sign). That is why I I asked the question and I guess it can go either way :) Thanks for all your help...maybe this is the month!!! Baby Wishes to all of you!!!


Vanessa - July 5

I am too having very bad diarrhea, along with a few other symptoms (fatigue, cravings, irritability). I am very confused, I only had one episode of unprotected sex this month as well as me having very irregular periods, so i don't think i'm pregnant. I am only suspicious because this has not happened before. Any thoughts?


Drew - July 5

Hi Vanessa, I know fatigue, and all those symptoms are a very good sign of pregnancy. I am experiencing those too. The best thing to do is take the hpt. Even one time of unprotected sex can get you pregnant. Are you ttc? Good luck!


Dana - July 11

I am having awful diarrhea everytime I eat, and also indigestion. I am trying to conceive and late, breasts are sore...but I have had 2 miscarriages in the past, so I am a little afraid to take a hpt.


mina - August 13

I had diarrhea 2 days after I found that I'm ovulating and tried to conceive.. A had dark green diarrhea with cramps in my up and lower abdomen and high body temperature 37.2; 37.5 ( I didn't felt like having temperature - just have it ) I didn't felt like sick, just felt tired and dizzy..headaches too..can I be pregnant?


worriedcindy - November 3

i have been sick for 9 days now and found out today its a virus blood tests said negative but i was so convinced i am preg :( i am throwing up , nauses, loss appetite and direa light greenish colour so yes can be a stomache bug but i felt so different i am due for periods around now can i still be preg



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