is clomid working?
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LB - April 3

Hi just wondering, how can you tell if clomid is working for you? i took it cycle day3-7 and today is cd9 i have had no symptoms on it 50mg, and i took two ovulation predictor sticks and both are negative, not even a slight pink on the second line. They say not to test with opk's within the first 3 days off of the clomid but i did anyways and no false postives only negatives. Does this mean that clomid isn't working for me? i go in for blood tests on day 23 but would like to know if any women out there have taken clomid but had no symptoms and you did ovulate. Or just any input would be really great, thanks!


wannabeamom - April 4

Under normal conditions you should ovulate cd 14. I have been taking clomid 5 cycle already starting 6th in 2 days. I did not ovulate on 50mg. It took 100 mg. Now I am going up to 150 mg. Continue using OPK's and let your Dr. know if you don't ovulate this cycle. I took clomid 100 mg day 4-8 & 5-9 and ovulated around cd 14 both times. I hope this helps you LB. Babydust*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~


ROBYN - April 4

I took my first round of clomid this month days 3-7 50mg. They told me to start my opk on cd12 which is today. We also had to be at the RE office this morning for an U/S I am actually ovulating today. I never ovulated. The only symptom I had from Clomid was some night sweats after I finished taking them. Other than that you wouldnt even know that I took any fertility meds. But obviously its working because im ovulating.


lb - April 4

thank you ladies, i guess i just have to wait a few more days. Did you guys have any twinges in your ovaries from the clomid? does that mean that it is working, i have a few off and on, but i have pcos too and i don't know if they are cysts or if they are actually eggs maturing. I am not getting any ultrasounds done, is that normal? my ob says that i won't need any unless i am getting hcg shots or something like that. Robyn i am so glad it is working for you! yeah, day 12 did you get a positive on your opk when you tested? good luck should i start bd now or wait a few more days seeing i didn't get a positive yet, thanks


ROBYN - April 4

Hey LB,

Yes, I had some weird tinges didnt know what they were I guess it was some maturing. I also have PCOS so I was pretty surprised today that they saw an egg on my left side because thats where all my problems are. My right side had a lot of maturing follicles. Not quite ready for ovulation. I am surprised that your RE isnt doing an U/S thats how they monitor your progression with Clomid. Also they did bloodwork today and checked my estrogen which was 130 they said thats really good. Uterus was good and lining was thick which is also good. Make sure they check you for these things. Its all important to support a pregnancy. My RE wants to see me wednesday morning no matter what with the positive surge for the Post Coital test or no surge for more blood work. Well since i got the positive surge it will be the PC test. Have you started your OPK's yet. If not I highly recomment the Clear Blue easy with the smiley face that tells you when your surging. They are a little more expensive but ALOT easier to read then the standard ones. As for bd'g it wont hurt to do it!!!


LB - April 6

Thanks robyn, i had a really sharp pain on my right ovary side today, do you think that was ovulation or a cyst bursting or the eggs maturing? I have done a few opk's and not even a hint of a second line surge, this is so fustrating! i don't know if i am even responding to the clomid, and my doctor says that i won't be monitored unless i am getting hcg shots, or a higher does of clomid which i will be on if he finds i don't ovulate on 50mg which i have to do a blood progestrone tests on cd24, baby dust to you! how is it going did you ovulate yet?


robyn - April 6

LB, are you seeing an OB or RE?? i am little confused as to why you are not being monitored?? I will briefly explain with my situation and the Clomid. Due to PCOS they brought on my period with Provera on CD2 of my period I had to go to the RE for an U/S to see how all was looking and also did a progesterone test. That day the results come back. I go in the next day back to the ofc. Go over the results and doc decides on CD3 you will start 50 mg of Clomid days 3-7 starting on CD10 you will start OPK if no positive surge by CD12 come in U/S and level check. I went in on Monday they did the U/S everything looked great estrogen level was 120 blah blah...They said the left side was looking really good because there was an egg ready for ovulation the right side had a lot of follicles but they werent maturing as well as the one follicle on the left side. So.....they said if no +surge Monday nite come in Wednesday (today) another U/S and another level check. Well today the follicle was 21mm on the left and my levels of estrogen doubled. So now they want me to come in tomorrow morning for my 1st HCG trigger shot and I am now getting the CM I used to never get. I am not sure what your pain is from. It is possible ovulation. I dont understand why they are not monitoring you. The purpose of Clomid is to be monitored and carefully see whats going on inside with ultrasounds, and level checks to see how you are responding. Why are they making you wait till CD24 doesnt make a lot of sense. Start asking a lot more questions. How well is this doctor recommended if you dont mind me asking. My doctor is from IVF of Florida and is probably the most well known RE in our area. I am also having more of a cramping feeling which for me sounds like possible ovulation. But I am still not getting my positive surge. Its only cd 14 for me. Keep me posted I am really interested in what they will be doing with you.



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