Is clomid not going to work for me? :(
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Worried5 - September 29

I have had 3cycles of clomid cd3-7 on 50mg to which the doctor said i'm ovulating but i'm not yet pregnant, I have even started taken metformin for a month now.
I feel nauseated but i am getting period like cramps - my af is due on monday - God i wish it dont come for another 9 months!
Has anyone gotten pregnant on clomid after 3 cycles? I have already had 3 cycles with no luck, what are my chances?
Babydust to all ttc...


Mega - September 29

Hi. I know this is very frustrating & dishartening. I'm about to begin my 3rd Clomid cycle too. For me however, I learned after I started my 2nd cycle that my DH also has issues, he's got 5% morphology. Has your partner been tested? This time along with the Clomid I'm doing my 1st IUI. Have you discussed that with your doctor? Hang in there. It'll happen, that's what we have to believe. I'm also on Metformin. I've heard it really helps a lot when paired with Clomid. I've read Clomid success stories on the first time, the third time, the fifth time, the sixth time even. You do still have hope! Hang in there. By the way, it's not over for you til ugly old AF shows up. Some women swear AF is coming, cramps are awful & instead get a BFP. Keep us posted. Thanks for the Babydust (I need it!). Baby dust to you too!


Worried - September 29

Yes he had a sperm anaylis test done which came back normal. I dont think we can afford an IUI, our insurance dont cover fertility costs. Well if af does come, i'm going on my 4th cycle of clomid but if still nothing after that i'm going to get a hsg done(test for blocked tubes). God i trully hope my af dont come


Mega - September 29

Excellent! I'm glad your partner's SA came back normal. That's one good thing on your side. Our insurance doesn't cover meds, or treatments (IUI, IVF) but it does cover diagnostics. I hope your AF stays away. But if it doesn't, a lot of people get pg a couple of months after the hsg test. I had it done a couple months ago & it's not too bad really. Just be sure to take 3 to 4 advil beforehand. But hopefully it won't come to that. IUI is roughly $300 to $400 a cycle (if you pair it with Clomid) if you use injectibles the cost rises quite a bit. DH & I will be paying out of pocket for ours. I just hope it doesn't come to IVF, that's a bit out of our range. But I'm depressed right now, I have to hold off on my 1st IUI, my RE just found a cyst on my right ovary & I have to get an MRI & I may have to get a lap to remove it. So most likely have to hold off on my 3rd cycle of Clomid til that's taken care of.


dee - October 1

Hi. I am also on my 4th cycle of clomid mg. Next cycle doc said to increase dose to mg. If nothing then we go to ivf.


Toni - October 1

Mega, what dosage of clomid were you on when you got the cyst? And to worried, maybe your dr should add the Ovidrel shot to trigger everything?


worried - October 3

Af is due today, no sign of it as yet. have my fingers crossed.
Babydust to all ttc...


Mega - October 3

Hi Toni. I haven't been on Clomid for a couple of cycles. My last dose was 50 mg, but it was back in June when I was still with my OB. Then when we got the results of my DH SA (low morphology) we were referred to a RE. So I'm still waiting for him to put me back on Clomid. Which he still plans to do, but it keeps getting pushed back. Ugh! I think my cysts are more of a result of the PCOS, rather than the Clomid, which should've been out of my system anyways.



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