Is Clomid 100% guaranteed to make you ovulate?
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Kelly - April 2

I was wondering if Clomid 100% in making you ovulate. I go on cd 21 to have blood drawn to check progesterone level. Is the Dr. looking to see if I ovulated or to check for pg. and finally how can they tell by progest. level if I have ovulated??? SOMEBODY HELP :P


michelle - April 2

it will show if you ovulated on day 21...
the progesterone level ishow they tell..
you should realy have scan on day 14 to see if you ovulated it shows follicles on the scan...


Kellly - April 2

I am not sure why Doc didnt schedule u/s. I have had lots over the past 6 mths. I think maybe I ovulate, she is doing clomid for irregular cycles. I guess it may help pinpoint when you ovulate?



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