is cervical egg-white mucus necessary to conceive?
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emeliz - March 13

OPK was negative this morning but I'm feeling O pain and it's day 14, when I usually O. We'll BD tonight as I think it's the right time, but what puzzles me is this cervical mucus thing. I've been t.t.c. for 5 months now and didn't know about that variable till now. So this month I started checking my cervix area around day 8. So far even tho' I'm scheduled to O, I FEEL NO CHANGE in texture. Will this hurt my chances of conceiving? Will a product like Pre-Seed help? I know about trying pediatric Robitussin, but I was going to hold off on taking meds unless I had to.


kelley32 - March 13

Hi ... someone I know got pg while using pre-seed, and I got pg the first cycle that I used Robitussin, but didn't really notice a difference in CM ... apparently CM is a very important factor in conceiving. Good luck!


emeliz - March 14

thanx Kelley. i'll try the pre-seed &/or Robitussin next cycle. yesterday night i tested again w/an OPK and got a positive. we did the deed and this morning before i went to work, i felt like we should do it again, but it's hard to turn on DH at 7 a.m. (we've had fights about it so i don't even try anymore). i wonder if i go home tonight is worth it to try again? also wondering if my own lubrication when turned on, would help the swimmers travel. i know CM is important but mine just doesn't seem to get that eggy texture. but wouldn't a woman's vaginal lube help too?


kelley32 - March 14

Hi ... it's ALWAYS worth it to try again when it comes to TTC, LOL! You just never know ... some say that the egg can live as much as 12-24 hours, and there are others who think it's more like only a few hours. Ideally, the sperm should be there waiting when the egg is released from the ovary. I also had a hard time with DH sometimes while TTC, but in the end it was an early morning romp that got me pg ... but TTC'ing really does put a damper on the whole sex thing. As for personal lube woeking for the swimmers, I'm not sure ... I think that personal lube comes from a gland, whereas CM comes from the cervix ( I could be wrong), and it's the fluid around the cervix that helps the sperm. I am a part of another thread called TTC in March Through Friendship and Support (it's been going on for a year now) and the women there are so full of knowledge, as well as really caring and supportive ... you are welcome to join if you'd like. :-)


wantanotheraftertr - March 14

Pre seed is the only lubricant that is sperm friendly. Things like ky are actually bad for sperm and kill it try the robitussin or pre seed the other things will hurt your chances You can got to the web site and take their charting course its worth it and helps so much good luck ttc!


cspears99 - March 14

Hi ladies I just wanted to ask about the Robittussin thing, what kind did you take and what days of cycle are you supposed to take it?? also what does it help, does it help you to ovulate?? thanks Cheryl


sososleepy - March 14

HI Gals. Guaifenesin is the active ingredient you're looking for in the cough syrup. It thins the mucus (expectorant) congesting you so you can blow it out or cough it up, but it works systemically so it thins all your mucus, including your cervical mucus, which allows the sperm to swim more freely through it. I took it last night and this am (and yesterday and so on); it was some odd brand with Guaifenesin as the only active ingredient. I have cm problems too; there isn't enough to tell it's there, much less what kind it is! I got so frustrated I bought a speculum. Ya know, it's HARD to look there!!!! So, I gave dh the camera and told him to take pix. A lot of twisting later... camera, flashlight.... I finally got to go look at the pix and cool wow neato, there was cm drooling on my cervix like snot on a kid, only a much nicer color. You don't have to go that far... even if you can't find much of it - it's probably there - some of us just aren't blessed with enough (understatement!) While obsessing over the photos attempting to judge color, consistency, abundance of that cm, I also checked cp. It LOOKS higher at O when the cm is best as well as feels out of reach. I'm still working on texture... Hey kelly, I got my +opk on the 13th too :) here comes the tww! One more bd tonight first though, because my temp didn't go up this am. emeliz, we have opposite issues; I can't get dh interested some nights, but if there's time he's usually a go in the am (if, such a small word for such a large meaning... time - who has it?)


sososleepy - March 14

OH, emeliz, if you can get him to, bd for the 3 days before you think you O and a day or 2 after as well as the day of O. You'll increase your chances that way. Do you chart bbt? Do you use opk's?


chandellina - March 14

cheryl, when i have used cough syrup i started it around cd7 or so and took it through o. i did get pregnant the first cycle i tried it, though miscarried. i'd also recommend evening primrose oil during the ovulatory phase. it has made a big difference for my ewcm and i don't bother with cough syrup now. (though i do use the ocasional preseed too.) i just had my first IUI and my dr remarked on how good my cm looked!! ha ha.


emeliz - March 16

has anyone here heard of an herb called shatavara? supposed to be good for women's health, including fertility. Thanx for tip on evening primrose oil, Chandellina. Do you take it in pill or liquid form? p.s.--DH quickly and enthusiastically agreed I'll write dates we need to bd, on our fridge message board, and we'll do it on those dates. lol I thought he'd find that unromantic but he was into it ;)


chandellina - March 16

i take evening primrose oil in capsules - 1050mg a day. i haven't heard of that herb, sorry.


Blakey - March 16

Hi Cheryl!
Keep running into you on the different threads!! :)
I also heard about taking the robitussin. I had never tried in personally, but heard it does help with making CM very thin and slippery...perfect for conception!!! Good luck!!! kim :-))))



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