Is anyone testing the same day I am.....July 27th
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Chrissy - July 27

I just wanted to wish everyone luck that are going to test tomorrow. Im pretty nervous about tomorrow to see if Im pregnant or not. Im shocked that I actually waited until the 27th to test usually I test all the time, lol. I will keeep all of u updated even if its bad news which I hope its not. BABY DUST TO ALL.........


kelly - July 27

Hi all, I finally talked to my doctor (it has been over a week since my blood work) and he says that I have responded nicely to the clomid. He most likely thinks that I ovulated (he said my level was 8, but he likes it to be above 10. I was at .6 before, so it was waaayyy better after the clomid). I still haven't gotten my period. Friday, July 22 would have been 28 days. Still no sign of af. I have some mild cramps every couple of days, but they dont' feel like af cramps, so I don't know. He said to call if I don't get my period in a week (and I am not pregnant) I'll have to start a round of meds to induce af then a higher dose of clomid (I have to do the high dose of clomid if I get my period on my own as well). I going to test this Friday. I want to test right now, but I am going to hold out. Just to make sure I am good and pregnant (if I am!) And to save some money in the mean time in case af comes. I have also been experiencing sore breast, not the nipple area so much though. keep in touch! baby dust to all!


kelly - July 27

I just went to the bathroom and had the smallest brown spot, when I wipe. It was super small, but of course I noticed it. I hope that it is implatation bleeding......please, please!!!!!! baby dust to all!!!!!


Chas - July 27

Good luck Kelly, Hope you are pg.


kelly - July 27

Thanks Chas, I just hope it is not the pesky af coming to visit......I'm keeping everything crossed. I'm trying so hard not to run to the bathroom every 2 seconds to check!


Jessi - July 27

chrissy any news yet?????


Chas - July 27

Clomid does what exactly? Does it make you ovulate or just regulate your periods ?


Chrissy - July 28

Well.......I took a test yesterday and it said "Not Pregnant." That was the worst feeling ever. I dont know if I tested too soon or what. But I dont think I tested too soon:-( I told my fiance that I cant go thru this another month since I havent had a period in forever. But I have been using the fern scope. Well....I hope everyone else has better news then I did. Good Luck & Best Wishes To Everyone!!!!!!!


kelly - July 28

Well, I had that one LITTLE tiny spot of brown yesterday when I wipped, nothing atfter that. Now I just went to the bathroom and had some brown in my underswear. Nothing red, so I am trying to still think positive. I am trying not to run to the bathroom every 2 seconds to check. When I woke up this morning my stomach was kind of quesy and I am always getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, which doexn't happen to often. I am going to test tomorrow morning, if af doesn't show up. Baby dust to everyone!


r - July 28

my af was due yesterday hasn showed up yet, im not well at mo got tonsilitis and im feeling sick with that anyway only been sick once though yesterday got a "not pregnant" not very impressed i think them digitals r shit


Amy - July 28

Hello ladies. Well, af started here yesterday. When I first noticed it, it was really really light. So, I was thinking it could possibly be implantation bleeding. Well, this morning, i woke up and it was ALOT HEAVIER. :( It is ok though, this was only our first month of trying. I know it will happen sometime. take care everyone and loads of baby dust:)


r - July 29

back again with no af still cramping still the same i am very emotional getting more and more everyday i watch tv and if i see emotion on it i will cry for ages i dont usually cry like this with af at all



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