Is anyone testing the same day I am.....July 27th
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chrissy - July 19

I have been taking fertilaid for almost 3 months now and I have been using the fern scope for about 2 wks now. I get to test on July anyone else testing that day as well???? GOOD luck.......


Dee - July 19

Hi I'm testing on the exact same day as you... I just hope I can wait that long. Lastnight I actually opened the box to my Clear Blue hpt but if it hadn't been for my DH barging into the bathroom I would have probably wasn't another test. It's so hard to wait it out. Baby dust to us both very soon (prayfully).


Emily - July 19

Hi guys! I am not testing on the 27th, but I thought that since it's around the same time, I'll share my date. I'm testing on the 25th. So, good luck to all of us! Take care.


Chrissy - July 19

Dee: I got a clear blue hpt that say pregnant or not pregnant. My fiance and I went last night to get it. I know its sooooooooooo hard to wait. I dont know if I can wait either,lol. Good Luck to you....

Emily: Keep us updated on what the results are. GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST TO ALL.....


Amy - July 19

Hello. I am due for af the 28th , 29th or 30th. More so the 28th though. I will be testing soon also girls. I can not wait! Best of luck to you girls and fingers and toes crossed here. BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!


Dee - July 19

Chrissy.. let's try to hold out!!! My test date is 23 or 24th... god it's killing me. lol :-)

Amy...good luck on the results!!!! Let us know.


Chrissy - July 20

I will hold out because I dont want to get a false reading that would be horrible. If its negative on th 27th then I will re-test on the 4th of August or the 5th not sure. BABY DUST TO ALL.....AND EVERYONE KEEP ME UPDATED!!!! GOOD LUCK..........


rach - July 20

yes i am is anybody having dull tummy ache or back ache or has been having some mood swings?


Chrissy - July 20

I have been having horrible back pain and my stomache hurts a lil. And bad mood swings. I hope Im dust to all....


Amy - July 22

Hey everyone. I have been real crabby here lately, but i do not know if it could be that i may be pregnant, or that it is for being in the process of moving, it being so hot and work. Just do not know. Money is really tight right now, so that is stressfull also. anyhow, will test in 6-9 days. i hope that i am pregnant. can not wait to find out either way. take care everyone and best of luck. :)


chrissy - July 24

Good luck!!! And try not 2 be sooo stressed out. I know where your coming from though, money is tight here too. Hope ur pg!!!!!! BABY DUST TO ALL....


christina - July 24

hey girls, i dont test that time, and am not due for the lovley monthly friend until aug. 6, i just finished first cycle of clomid and hope this is my month! baby dust to all prayers are out there!


B - July 24

Chrissy ~ I was just curious what Fertilaid and a fern scope is? Never heard of either of them before. I will be testing on Aug1. Good luck!


chrissy - July 25

b~ Fertilaid is herbs and vitamins together(u can go to to check it out). And a fern scope is a ovulation scope to see when u are ovulating. U just spit on the fern scope and let it dry and see if you see ferns or not. It is really easy. GOOD LUCK.

Christina~ If fertilaid does not work for me my next step is clomid. Soooooooo I wish you the best....keep us dust to all.....


kelly - July 25

hi all, I was due for af last Friday, July 22, but that was only if I ovulated on time. I think I ovulated late though. Of course I tested and it was negative. I am hoping and praying that I tested too soon. I have been so tired lately that I can't even stand it. To the point where I am yawning all the time and I am never usually tired! This was my first round of clomid, and I am still awaiting test results to see if I actually ovualted this month. Hopefully they call today. IF I did ovulated, I hope to test again in a few days. Baby dust to all


chrissy - July 26

Did you have any side affects of clomid? Well.......I hope ur pg!!!!! Keep us updated!!!!!! BABY DUST TO ALL.......


Chrissy - July 27

I just wanted to wish everyone luck that are going to test tomorrow. Im pretty nervous about tomorrow to see if Im pregnant or not. Im shocked that I actually waited until the 27th to test usually I test all the time, lol. I will keeep all of u updated even if its bad news which I hope its not. BABY DUST TO ALL.........



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