Is anyone taking progesterone in ethyl oleate for IVF?
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andrea21 - October 24

Hi I just have a quick question, is anyone taking progesterone in ethyl oleate oil instead of sesame seed,olive or cottonseed oil for ivf? whereas you use a smaller needle. if so can you please tell me where you bought it.
Thank you.
BABYDUST to everyone...


isa - October 24

andrea try going to and check out their general ivf board and you can post there and more likely get an answer since its all ivfers. Here is the direct link to the page. There are no dashes if they show up:


JenG - October 24

Isa, this is a cool website! Thanks! jen


andrea21 - October 25

thank you for the info isa


isa - October 25

from ivf :I started off by using the PIO in sesame oil, and was reacting to it, so I called my RE to ask about changing (thinking they would switch me to another oil), and they recommended the progesterone in ethyl oleate. I switched about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it is much better. You use a smaller needle, it is less thick and much less painful. The only place I know that compounds it in the USA is MDRX and it costs about $43 per 10ml vial



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