Is anyone on Clomid, O'ed and late for AF but -HPT????
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Suzan - July 19

Hi I am now 5 days late for AF and I know that I ovulated!! I took a HPT on the day before AF was scheduled to arrive but it was BFN I am wondering if it's possible that it was too early when I took the test. I am going to the dr. tomorrow but the suspense is killing me. Is there anyone else out that is experencing this same thing???


isra - July 19

yes suzan. my period was due on 14 th of this month. i didn take any hpt. i'm kinda afraid to take that. i think ur little early ,sometimes it comes negetive at the early stage. keep hope and give the update wht is going on.......i'm praying for u and pray for me too. by the way do u have any preg symptom that u noticed?


Suzan - July 19

HI Isra, thanks for your response, I think that I have preg symptoms but I am not sure if thats what they are, but basically everything I eat gives me indigestion or heartburn sometimes even water upsets my stomach, bloating, gas, frequent urination, BM are very regular (this is unusual for me) my breasts are starting to become sensitive but not sore. I am very tired lately I am usually an early riser but I have been sleeping in and when I do get up I could go right back to sleep and Lack of concentration. What about you?


Suzan - July 19

Isra btw mine was due on the 14th as well!!! How come you haven't taken a test as of yet?


dee - July 21

My first clomid cycle was 32 days.



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