is any one really go with ovualtion calulation?
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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 5

does any one know if i get my period on the 14 of the mnth whn i should of ben ovualted in march th previous mnth i got it on the 9th??????


nancee - April 14

that would depend on your cycle....most common cycle days is 28 but not always for all of us....some have shorter cycle some have longer. So best thing to do is make a chart and observe for a couple of months so you will know when you will get your period for the months to come...


Cheyenne - April 15

Normal luteal phase is 12-16 days. So if you got your period, you know you ovulated (usually). If you got your period on the 14th of the month and your luteal phase is normal length, then you would have ovulated 12-16 days prior. Taking Charge of Your Fertility book explains these things in more detail.


Heather - April 15 you can chart your bbt at this web site and it's free.



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