is a faint BFP still positive?
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feelslikeforever - March 25

I tested yesterday and got a pretty faint BFP! Today a little darker, but still pretty faint, I'm only a day or so overdue... Is this what I think this is???


kelley32 - March 26

Yes, I believe that it is, no matter how light, if you`re really going nuts, go buy a different test, preferably a more sensitive one ... CONGRATS!!!


jcr - March 26

Congrats!!! yes a light is bfp and especially if getting darker!!! Your Pregnant!!!


feelslikeforever - March 26

I can't believe it!!! I'm going to the dr. on tuesday... ! Then I'll find out if its for sure!! Oh and I tried two different tests already!! an dboth fain BFP'S!!!!!


Mega - March 26

From everything I've read, a faint pos. is still a pos. Good luck, Feelslikeforever. And congrats! Let us know when you get the Beta results back.


ame - March 27

If the line is visible at all it is positive!


Lilu - March 27



Nikki - March 27

If it's there at all, that means it picked up on the hormone, and you only have that when you're pregnant, so once again, congratulations!
Will you let us know how it goes with the doctor? I'm sure we could all use a positive story about ttc!
I guess you'll have to change your name soon, then?


xiaotuzi - March 27

I believe you are pregnant. I had similar experience. i had a very light pink BFP on First Response and AccuClear on my DPO 11, I tested again next day got slightly darker. i went to blood test on DPO13 and confirmed pregnancy. so congradulation!!


stacie23 - March 28

Hi girls! this is feelslikeforever. I'm due nov 30th!! I just got all my blood work done today! YOur day will come soon! its funny last month I wasn't as focused on "ttc" as normal. SO i guess taking your mind off of ttc does work! prayers and lots of baby dust!



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