Is a cyst a sign of Early Pregnancy????
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soimpatient - February 17

I had an ultrasound last night to look at a cyst on my right turns out that they cyst is gone...which is great!!! The radiologist told me that I have a new cyst growing on my left ovary. My gyn mentioned that a small cyst can be a sign of early pregnancy. Has anyone heard this before? Does anyone have any more info on this???


K - February 18

Hi, in my first pg, I had a scan at about a week after I ov'd and had a cyst. My specialist said it can be a sign too and in that case it was? Equally it can just be a cyst. Good luck.xx


soimpatient - February 19

Thanks K! I'm giong to keep my fingers crossed!


Sas - February 19

Wow, I never heard of that. I had a scan in Jul after I ovulated and was told I had cysts similar to pcos. I was really upset. But then I got a BFP a week later! SoI thought nothing more of the scan. I had an early pregnancy sacn at 7 weeks due to bleeding. The doc said all looks well. Didn't think anything of it because I was so excited i was finally pregnant. Unfortunatley i later miscarried( not that that has anything to do with cysts.) But i am now going through the whole process of fertility checks again. I have my first scan tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if I have cysts or not or if indeed that first sacn with signs of cysts was because I was infact pregnant.


soimpatient - February 19

Sas, thanks for sharing your story! Let me know what happens at your scan tomorrow. Good Luck!


Sas - February 20

Well i def have cysts on my ovaries. That's all the infomation the scan doc would give. I have to wait till May for my next fertility appointment to go through results from all the tests. I'm fed up!



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