irregullar periods
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redmoon - March 8

i want to ask that my period cycle is some times 30 & sometime 36 days long, how do i predict my ovulution day?
do i take some medicencens to improve my cycle? is that hard to become pregnent in this cycle.


divine - March 8

hi redmoon, u can either calculate ur ovulation with ur cervical mucous or use medicines to make ur cycle regullar. i have irregular cycles too and im trying to get pregnant for about a year, my period comes once in 2 months so my chances were less to conceive and i was not quite sure wheather i was actually ovulating so im on treatment now using clomid.


angelgabby84 - March 8

Hi redmoon. Its a good idea to try and make your cycles regular i too am taking Clomid to regulate mine i still have long cycles (about 34 days) but after having ultrasounds throughout the first 3 cycles i now know i ovulate CD23. You could always try using OPK's or charting. As long as you know the day you O and you BD at the right time you have as much chance of concieving as any one else.


Tink - March 8

i would see your doctor to be checked out too. irregular periods can be a sign of endometriosis- it turned out that way for me and I had a lap to get it removed and my cycles are so much better now (and my PMS is much better too). it is difficult when you are irregular to predict O. have you tried temp'ing to make sure you are even ovulating? my temp was all over the place and I wasn't ovulating. i took clomid then to ovulate and it helped. i am now 5 weeks pregnant from IVF (after 6 mos on clomid, lap and 4 IUIs).



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