Irregular periods and TTC
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Lindsey - September 19

I have had irregular periods since coming off BC last November. I have not had any luck ttc. I was just given Metformin and Clomid to take but I haven't started it yet because my husband was out of town last cycle. Is there anyone else out there who doesn't know when OR IF they ovulate?? I've tried the strips but they never showed a clear positive. I need to talk to someone!!!!


Chicks - September 19

Hi Lindsey! I started the forum called "Clearblue easy sucks". Instead of writing my history all over again, take a look at that posting, as well as some others near the top that I've responded to and then let me know if you have any further questions.. I am more educated than I was back when I first started TTC so maybe I can be of some help to you! Good luck and write back soon! Baby dust to you!


katy - September 20

I also went off of BC in November of last year and have been ttc ever since. I have had a thyroid test done, everything was fine. I have had blood work for hormones done, all that was fine. But i still don't have a period. The doctor put me on provera to start the period, told me to chart my basal temp and also gave me clomid 5-9. I was told that my ovaries are fine and the hormone levels are good but need something to jump start my body. I also have a problem with dryness since coming off of BC. I never had any problems before, i have a 6 yr old. In fact i feel bad b/c i am remarried and we want a child but i seem to have all these problems. I hope you are successful and baby dust to you. At least coming to this website shows that there are women in the same boat as we are.


Lindsey - September 20

Katy, my Dr. put me on Provera to start last month and I'm hoping I start on my own this month. I'm glad to know there are others who are going through the same thing as me!


Andrea - September 25

Hi Lindsey..I just posted the Spotting??? forum for the same reason. in august provera prompted a "withdrawl bleed" and I have spotted off and on every week. I have no idea if I am ovulating or not so I am not sure when i can begin counting the days in my cycle. how long did you try the strips? i have a box but am not sure when to begin testing. i am so encouraged to know that i am not alone in this process. hope to hear from you again!



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