Irregular periods and getting pregnant.
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Lili - March 3

I have started my irregular periods after three months of my marriage. I didn't have periods for three months and the doctor advised me to do the pregnancy test, which was negative. Later on I started getting periods at the same date, but it prolongs for 12-14 days with slight bleeding. Last time we had sex during the late days of my periods and later as well. This time I had few spots of blood (brown)exactly one week after my date, which occured for few times. I did the pregnancy home test, and the results show it is negative. Could it possible for anyone to have periods of this sort? or could it be the test was too early for the detection of pregnancy? Could anyone please help me.


TS - March 26

Sounds like your uterin lining isn't building up each month, I think that and the irregular cycles, means you aren't making enough Progesterone. You could try Progesteron cream, not Progestin pills, to get your cycles regular, until then I bet you aren't even ovulating. I am struggling with this too, good luck!!


GR Davies - May 4

My partner has irregular periods and is taking contraceptive to control the problem .Does this stop us having children


Cutie - May 4

My periods also became messed up when I got maried.... Its so depressing, TTC and having all other problem. I am probably going to go for Clomid, maybe you should ask your doctor about it as well. God bless


L - May 4

Cutie - how long have you been TTC?


Pattie - May 12

TS - Did a doctor tell you this about yourself? I had a miscarriage in Nov. and since then, my periods have been real strange, very lite wipe for three days, two heavy days, one med and then lite again for the next four days. This has never happened until after my D&C. I use to be able to feel OV, very painful on my right side, I only felt this the last two months, which leads me to believe that maybe I haven't OV'd before that. TTC since Jan and getting very discouraged. Any advice? Thanks



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