Irregular periods
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Kelly - June 17

I went off the pill Feb 9th 2005. 50 days later I got my first period (since being off the pill). Got my next period 35 days later. So in my mind I am thinking..okay each month my cycles are getting shorter and eventually will get back to by 28-day. Well, now I think I am at day forty. I just wish my cycles would regulate. I have been on the pill x 7 years (atleast). I just didn't think it would take us this long. I know 4 months isn't a long time. I am 27 and ready to be pregnant. I took 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative. I am not sure if I am pregnant or if my cycle is just off still. Any advice.


kelly - June 17

Please someone answer me


chrissy - June 17

It could take up for a full year for your cycles to get nack to normal. I have been off the pill for about four months also and I havent even got a period yet. And I am also trying to get pregnant. Good Luck.


Sam - June 17

Hey Kelly, I went off BCP late April and got first AF 5 weeks later (May 6) and am now about day 44 and still waiting for AF#2 since going off BCP. I am 28 and my DH and I would love to have a baby. I am also frustrated that I'm not regular like I was before I went on the pill. I know it takes a few months though to get your cycle back. What was your cycle like before going on pill? If was regular, then can expect it to return to that. I'm going to wait until would get next period if missed this last one (so about 8-10 weeks since May 6) and if still no AF, then will go to doctor to get something to induce it. I'd rather get onto it and risk them telling me I'm neurotic or impatient than wait for 6 mths for my AF and then find out I could have solved the problems months ago. I guess it's also about whether or not your want to use drugs or want to do it "naturally".


Sam - June 17

Hi, me again. Do any of you guys feel like AF on her way? I have felt lower abdominal cramps and lower back ache (which I never usually get with AF) for about 2 weeks now and still no AF, not even spotting. I have taken loads of HPTs and all negative. My BB's not sore and not nauseous and my "gut feeling" (so unscientific!) is that I'm not pregnant but I'm a little confused/annoyed that have got symptoms that AF coming but no show yet.


kelly - June 18

My cycles were regular prior to going on the pill. I am just being impatient. It will happen when it my husband says.. Most of my friends got pregnant right away..frustrating.. I did call my doctor today actually and I kind of figured out what we may be doing wrong. This may be long. Okay..they say with a normal cycle a woman ovulates approx. on day 14. Okay.. fine. However. Today my doctor had said. That a woman in actuality ovulates 2 weeks prior to her period. That can be completely different days and even weeks if that womans cycles 30-40 days. Ya know..Very interesting..So if we don't actually have intercourse every other day then we could be missing it.


Sam - June 18

Yeah, that is right, you do ovulate 10-16 days prior to your period. If you BD over other day no matter what you will be guaranteed of maximising any ovulatory opportunities as well as having lots of fun! I am still having cramps like AF due any minute but nothing yet. Don't feel pregnant, just think cycle messed up. I'm just being impatient too. Let me know how you go with AF/BFP!! PS, where do you live? I live in NZ.


Kelly - June 18

I live in New Jersey..NZ (New Zealand)? I was there about five years. North and South Island. Went to Austrailia & Figi as well. Beautiful. Had my car broken into the first 30 minutes I was in NZ though...Luggage stolen..Passports etc.. So spent most of the time at the US embassy!


Kelly - June 20

Well, I am on day 45 and have not gotten my period. negative pregnancy test. any suggestions? After going off bcp in Feb 05 my next af didnt come for 50 days, my next 37 days. This one that I was due for I figured I would get it less than 37 days (which was my last). I figured my body was getting back towards my regular cylces. But now it's like day 45, no af, neg preg test. Any ideas?


angie - June 20

kelly, i completely understand your frustration. i was on the pill for 7 years and thought it would be no problem to get pg but we've been trying since november with no luck. at first everything was normal, then my periods were spread out further and further. couple of months ago they just stopped. apparently i have cysts on my ovaries and the pill was keeping the symptoms away, now im not ovulating and fixing to start fertility treatments. im 25. the way i feel is that ive spent all these years trying NOT to get pregnant, i never dreamed it would be this hard. Good luck to you, i hope it happens for you soon. sorry im so depressing, i think its the hormone treatments.



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