Irregular Periods
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BrooklynBaby - May 7

Could you still get pregnant if u have irregular periods?


soimpatient - May 8

I have irregular periods and I have not been able to get pregnant after 8 months of TTC..but I have heard that it is possible to get pregnant...its just more difficult 1) it is hard to know when you ovulate therefore it is much more difficult to time intercourse 2) many women with irregular periods have annovulatory cycles.


pakcan - May 8

my suggestion for those with irregular periods to start taking b complex it does wonders


pj - May 8

I didnt get pregnant and I had irregular periods. I would suggest a gynae check up. My harmonal tests showed PCOD and I had till then not even known that I was not ovulating


BriannasMummy - May 8

It is in fact possible to get pregnant with irregular periods. I am a perfect example.. since i had my daughter 4 years ago.. i didnt really have a period. So recently I had pregnancy symptoms, took a test.. and I am in fact pregnant. I didnt have one at all for about a year, prior to this pregnancy. Took me about 2 years to get pregnant. It is however possible.



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