irregular period and question
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Katy - December 16

I have had irregular period since going off bc last november. It seemed like they were finally starting to come on their own and on a patter in September. I had one Sept 21 then 40 days later on Oct 31. i expected another one Dec 10 but it has not come. I took a hpt on the 11th and it was neg. Any ideas? Is it just irregular again or should i take another hpt? Thank you and Baby Dust to all and Happy Holidays!


Mary - December 16

Katy, I was really irregular too, so my dr. put me on Clomid to make me o. He didn't think I ever o'd (cuz you can get your af without o'ing). I'd go to the dr. and tell him/her you are ttc and would like to know what your options are. Also, being healthy and at a good weight will help regulate your af from what my dr. said. Good luck! :)



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