Irregular period and Overweight TTC
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maria - April 27

Hi i recently got married i am a little overweight and have irregular periods my hubby and i have been trying to conceive for 3-4 months and nothing i was getting my period then but havn't had it for 3 months and when i missed my period i spotted and we only get neg results but my breasts have been sore for few days now i took a pregnancy test the line was really faint positive can i be pregnant and if not anyone have anyadvise on how we can conceive and lose some weight


Heather - April 27

If you had a faint positive I would test again in like 2 days and I'll bet you get a stronger positive. Your body doesn't produce HCG, what the test looks for, unless you are pregnant. Congrats!


maria - May 3

nope took a pregnancy test today it was negatve but thanks heather any advice


Melissa - May 3

Hi Maria. How overweight are you? If you are not in the obese range I would just start to make sure you're eating healthy and control you portions (no American sized portions - yes I'm American), and don't necessarily count calories but do try to stay within a 2000 calorie range (not over). You are not supposed to diet if you're ttc. However, if you are in the obese range I'd either go see your doctor to help get you to a Nutritionist or check out and try to get to the healty range prior to ttc. Hope it helps.


Heather - May 3

If you haven't had your period for 3 months than you need to see your dr. I had the same problem and they suspected PCOS. Turns out I don't have it (which is good) but I still don't O (which is bad). I was put on Provera & then Clomid. I conceived my first month on clomid. You may just not be Oing.


maria - May 4

thanks melissa and heather for the advice u gave me just one question whats is pcos well i am kind of new at this well actually all last week my breast where hurting and i had mood swings and was very tired and this week i have been having menstrual cramps so i am hoping i get at least my period and i hope to see a doctor soon


Heather - May 4

PCOS = Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Melissa - May 4

Maria, I missed a period also. I went and saw my doctor and found out I do have a cyst (not sure what kind - but she said it will dissapate on it's own). So, keeping in contact with your doctor even before you conceive is a good option.


maria - May 4

Well i went to my doctor about my irregular period about 2-3 years ago and i was checked out and everything was all good. but about 2 years ago the doctors thought i had a misscarriage and they checked me for a tubal pregnancy so i had my fallopian tubes checked and every thing was good too the regular ultrasound and the pelvic one also so do you think there is a chance that i have something wrong?


Melissa - May 5

Maria, cycts can develop at any time. If you were check a couple years ago you may want to go back.


shirece - May 5

hey maria, i just got married and im a little chunky too lol and we're ttc. i went to the doc and he said im not ovulating so he put me on metformin and clomid. you may want to look into that if you really want to have a baby. good luck!


ericka - May 29

hi maria, i also have similar problem im a little overweight and been with my fiance for a whole year know and i been trying to get pregnant ever since. My period is like really irregular, it was a while ago when i went to the doctor but he did a paps and ultrasound and told me everything was fine with the ovaries. im worried about infertility, did anyone have the same problem and got pregnant?



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