Irregular menses period and pregnancy
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mihinp - May 18

My wife was married before and had three abortions. During that period also she had abnormal menses cycles. We want to have a baby soon. I am 34 years old and my wife is 32 now.
When I check her records I found that sometimes there is no menses periods for THREE MONTHS and on the fourth month it happens. She also told me that if she miss more than three months then she check for pregnancy. This three months period make me really upset. What should we do??


Mega - May 18

mihinp--I'd suggest your wife talk to her OB. It's not normal to skip periods & could indicate issues like PCOS or thyroid problems. Both have pretty easy fixes though, but if you both want to have a baby I'd suggest she doesn't waste any more time. The irreg. periods indicate that she may not be Oing. However, the fact that she's had 3 prior abortions does indicate she's capable of getting pregnant so that's in your all's favor. And she may very well be Oing on her own, though my own dr told me irregular periods often indicate anovulation (no ovulation). So I hope you get checked out soon. Good luck. Hope this helps. Baby dust!



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