Irregular cycles CD 13 - Need buddies:)
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Tammy276 - July 12

I was thinking....Maybe we should start a "Irregular cycles CD13 - need buddies :) #2 since how this one is getting pretty long...What do you girls think?


Otilia98 - July 12

Hey Ladies! I was off for two days and I have a lot to read through:) So for now I will just let you know that I started Provera on Monday and will start Clomid on CD 3 as soon as I see AF! It is only 50mg, but I am so excited!


stepmommel - July 12

Welcome back Otilia! Was starting to worry! So glad to hear you're starting on meds... and you and I started Provera the same day, and will be on the same dose of Clomid (CD3) too! How weird is that?! How many days do you take your Clomid? Tammy, what great news that it's only a cyst! What a relief that must've been. And thanks for the drink... I'll have to get the goodies for it and make it some time! Jaqi, I'm still not totally clear on the trigger shot thing... do you get it when you're on Clomid or instead of it? Hello to everyone else, oh, and I second the motion to start a new threat. I suggest that we do something with the title to make it a little easier to find though. Maybe shorten it up, or use some symbols to stand out or something, what do you think? Maybe just "irregular cycles part 2" with some stars or something?


stepmommel - July 12

By the way, did I mention that I'm on CD46 today? NIGHTMARE! Patience really is a virtue, isn't it?! That Nestle Quick bunny really knows his shit! :)


Otilia98 - July 12

Stepmommel - OMG talk about cycle buddies! I take my Clomid for five days CD 3-7. I don't remember, is this going to be your first cycle? I still have to read through all the posts I missed!


cmelissa - July 12

JAQI - so sorry about AF arriving - heres to wishing you a BFP this month!! TAMMY how do you make that martini?? Whats in it? OTILIA AND STEP - gl with clomid this cycle I have a great feeling its going to work for you guys! TAMMY - great idea about starting new thread. Maybe Irregular Cycles - Part 2??


Otilia98 - July 12

Thanks Melissa! I sure hope that you are right! I just realized that our group has gone through a cycle together. And no graduates yet... So I bet we for sure have a graduate this month. Babydust to all!


stepmommel - July 12

Otilia, this is my first cycle on Clomid (or will be). The only thing I've done up till now (even though I"ve been TTC since thanksgiving) is Provera once before now. Other than that I've charting temps and CM and stuff. So, just like you, I'm pretty anxious! It'll be interesting to see if we get AF at the same time, seeing is how everything else has happened at the same time for both of us! So, here's something none of us have discussed yet... how old is everyone (normally such a rude question, but I can get away with it here, can't I?) I'm 32 (actually, I'll be 33 Sunday... but at this point in my life, I'll hang on to the 32 as long as possible... especially for TTC reasons!!) So Tammy, I think we've elected you to be the one to do the honors of starting the thread. Just let us know when it's done! So, how's everyone else doing today?


slowpoke01 - July 12

hi girls i dont remember who asked but the trigger shot is taken with clomid and not everyone on clomid takes it i was on clomid last month and didnt use a trigger shot but i talked to the nurse and she said that for the august cycle it would be no problem to do the trigger shot if that was what i wanted and you have to go in to have your follicles monitored and when the follicles get a certain size you take the shot and then do iui the next day so that is what we are doing in august if i can put up with dh that i have been really busy trying to keep my mind off all the ttc since we arent trying this month so i cleaned dh's grandmas house yesterday and my sister helped it was so bad i paid my sister even though she didnt want to take the money i told her that noone should have to go through that type of torture it was the nastiest house i have ever seen but she cant help it cause she is 90 years old..also went yesterday and picked up a dog that dh wanted a boxer and he is trying to be mean to my little dog which isnt gonna happen cause my dog isnt mean and wont even try to take up for hisself cause this dog is twice the size of him..JAQI i am so sorry about a/f showing i was so hoping that you would get a + this month we really need one on this thread keep your chin up it will happen for you and all of us well good luck to everyone and take care all


cmelissa - July 13

STEP - Happy Early B-day!!! I'm 28 and will be 29 in October!! I really hope I get a BFP before than!! SLOW - so nice of you cleaning grandmas house!! Well everyone have a great night!!


Tammy276 - July 13

Good evenint ladies...The chocolate Martini ...AKA ...Desperate Housewives Martini.....YOu drizzle chocolate sauce in the glass (make it pretty), then it is like 2.5 shots of Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, 1 shot of white (clear) creme de cacao, and one creamer.....It is so yummy!! I was going to have one when I went out tonight, but I opted for wine insead. I figured the Martini would probably knock me on my ass!! Stepmommel, I know what its like to be on cd 46, it sucks!! That is usually how long my cycles are, and this month I O'd like 2 weeks early, so I will only have a 31 or 32 day cycle...That I can handle....If I am not preggers (which hopefully I am!!) I hope all my cycles stay this short now!! It just sucks because I was going to talk to my doc. about going on clomid for my next cycle, but my apt is July 31, and I will get my AF before then...I can't see her before that day because she is on vaca. for the next 2 weeks...This really sucks. So for me, I will have to wait a whole nother cycle b4 I can do anything...bummer!! O.K.. I need to go to bed...That wine kicked me in my butt! It made me really tired for some reason!! maybe I can get some bd'ing before I zonk out!! haha..Alright...New thread here we come!!!! Ready to bump over ladies here it goes ****IRREGULAR CYCLES.....Part 2***** Look for it!! See you ladies over on the flip side!! lol


Jaqi - July 14

As for me, I went to the dr yesterday and they said to stop the Clomid. My pelvis has too many scars and adhesions from the endo and any infections I ever had. I used to get bacterial infections a lot for a while...found out it was the soap and detergent I was using! He said he doesn't want to see me waste my money any more, so I need to save for IVF. I will go back to him in Dec for a IVF consult. Hopefully we can start IVF in January!!!!!! Keep your heads up ladies! I will still post on here, just not as much for now. I need some time away cuz I keep


stepmommel - July 14

Jaqi, we started a new thread... "*****irregular cycles part 2*****" don't lose us!!
I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a change of plans. But at least you know it's not the end of the road completely... just a slight detour! I understand that you want to stay away for a while, but know you always have us to talk to if you need to vent. I have a question for you about your infections if you don't mind (but post on the new thread so this one can end)... what were the signs of your infections? Were they similar to bladder infections? how did you know you had them? I'm curious because I have recurring "bladder infections" but I often wonder if that's just a misdaignosis, and if it is, I'd hate to think that it could be something that effects my ttc. Well, in the meantime, take care, and remember we're here for you!!



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