Irregular cycles CD 13 - Need buddies:)
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Otilia98 - June 10

Anyone on CD 13 with an irregular cycle or PCOS who would like to join in me in waiting for an O and a BFP? Thanks:)


stepmommel - June 10

Hi Otilia. I am on CD13 today too and would love to join you. Since going of the pill in November there have only been a couple cycles within normal range. Some have been missed altogether with no bfp, and the rest were like 40-50 days long. I have yet to be diagnosed with anything other than possible anovulatory cycles but have been doing blood tests and such and am supposed to start Clomid next cycle if still no BFP. I chart on fertility friend (about 4 mos now) and two days ago it told me I'd O'd and then took it back the following day. today it's back saying that based on my temps I already O'd on CD8 which is surprisingly early, so I'm not getting too excited about it since no other signs point to being back to "normal". I have taken it uppon myself to start Fertilaid over the counter until I can start the Clomid. How about you? What's going on with you? Will this be your first baby? Have you been given a diagnosis of PCOS or anything else? Baby dust to you!


Otilia98 - June 10

Hi Stepmommel. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. This cycle is the first natural one I have had since going of BCP in December. I had one in March that was induced through progesterone. I am going on Clomid next cycle if this one is a bust too! When is your appointment? Mine is July 9th. I should try fertility friend. What is the web address? Do you ever use OPKs? I started them on CD 10 and it came out positive three days in a row. I am thinking that they must be coming out positive because PCOS has a constant LH surge. I am TTC my second (my dd is 4)...How about you?


cmelissa - June 10

Hey Ladies, I'm on cd 9, I have irregular cycles too, I've had all the tests done and everything else is normal. I have tried clomid 3 times and it didn't work for me, then I did injectibles for 2 cycles and currently taking a break the next 2 months to try naturally again! I've been taking the OPK's, still no surge yet - think it may be a little early still before I ovulate!! It will be nice waiting together!! Have a great weekend!


Otilia98 - June 10

Hello Melissa! Do you know if you O during your cycle or not?


cmelissa - June 11

My dr. did say I was ovulating, however there is a chance I may not ovulate every month even though I get AF, tricky stuff, Taking the OPK so hopefully i will this month! :)


stepmommel - June 11

Melissa, that's pretty much the same thing my doc said on my last visit. None of my charts have showed that I've o'd, but she said she still thinks I do "sometimes" based on my blood work. I think it's my age and the bc pills that combined are working against me. Though I'm keeping my fingers crossed as fertility friend STILL shows that I did O this month! If it sticks, this will be a first. And even better news is that DH and I BDd the day before O, so there may actually be hope this month! Otilia, how did they go about diagnosing you with PCOS? I often wonder if I have it but they've not told me specifically that they're testing for it. Was it by blood work? Ultrasound? What? We stopped BC just a month apart so you and I have been in this TTC for just about as long. I don't have any children of my own yet though. Oh, the fertilityfriend website is . My next appt is on 6/19 but it's just a lab appt for more blood work. I used OPK a couple times but was discouraged. I might start again soon if my charts start to show that I really do O. Otherwise I feel like I'm wasting money. Another thing I highly recommend is a book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. If you havnen't read it already you should. It's VERY informative. How about you Melissa? Any children of your own yet? And how long have you been TTC now?


cmelissa - June 12

Hi stepmommel, I'm 28 and have been ttc for about 14 months, no kiddos yet - getting very anxious though since everyone around me seems to be having kids!! My sis got pregnant twice the 1st try so unfair!! We are trying natural this cycle due to swollen ovaries from my last injectible cycle - maybe it will be good for us and we weill ge the BFP!! We have been married over 2 years now and want a family so bad!!! I did hear that book was great - I will have to get it!! Good luck at your next appt!! Are you on clomid??


stepmommel - June 12

No, I'm not on Clomid yet, but the plan is to start it most likely at my next appt - first we have to get the labs done on the 19th, then we'll go from there. Fertility friend now says I didn't o after all, not really a huge surprise as my temps are always all over the place. Oh well... hanging in anyway.


TOGIRL - June 12

i have actually started a ttc email pen pal thing if you would like to join your more than welcome my email is [email protected]


stepmommel - June 12

Otilia, how long have you been TTC and have you been charting your temps or anything other than the OPKs? I'm also curious, did you have a hard time TTC with your first? Melissa, what exactly are the injectibles? I keep hearing about them but know nothing more. Do either of you have insurance coverage for infertility? Mine won't cover a penny of it so I may be limited as to options. May have to see if DH's will cover more.


cmelissa - June 13

Hey Stepmommel - my insurance doesn't cover a thing - so depressing - injectoble are pretty expensive too!! Basically if clomid doesn't work for you after a few cycle the next step is injectibles - it has a higher success rate but is also more expensive. Tends to help you have more follies too!! I really responded well to it and anxious to start another cycle after my break!! I had to give myself shots in the belly for the injectibles - not fun, but you get used to it!! Well have a good night!!! Talk to you all tomorrow!


Tammy276 - June 13

I'll join ya in having irregular cycles. I didn't ovulate until cycle day 27 this month!! Talk about having a long cycle. It's different every month....I hate it. It gets really frustrating. Hubby and I finally bought the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor to kinda help things along. I should get AF sometime around June 19/20.....Well I should say I'm hoping I don't get Af then!! Good luck to everyone!!


stepmommel - June 13

Hi Tammy, glad to have you! I'm curious if you've always had irregular cycles, or was it due to bc pills or anything like that? Melissa I can't imagine having to inject myself - I hate getting shots, but then again I'd do just about anything if it meant getting BFP, so who knows. Would you mind giving me an idea of about what it's costing for the Clomid and injectibles being uninsured?


Otilia98 - June 15

Sorry about being late to respond. My computer would not let me post! So here is what I wrote the other night and saved. Hello Ladies! I was diagnosed with PCOS by bloodwork and a transvaginal ultrasound. My doc told me that sometimes a pregnancy can induce PCOS. I had no problem concieving my daughter. The doc said I should not have a problem conceiving the second because we know it is not my husband and we know that my tubes aren't blocked. It just does not seem like I ovulate. They put me on Metformin to try and induce ovulation and would not do anything else until I had tried that for three months. So on July 9th I think that they are going to start to really look into it. I try to chart but I forget almost 50% of the time. When I am good about remembering, it does not seem to matter as my temps are so erratic. And insurance only covers diagnostic for infertility, not treatment.


stepmommel - June 15

Otilia, good to see you back! You've given me hope... I'll have to call my insurance to clarify whether or not they cover the diagnostics. Something would be better than nothing, and it's the not having some sort of diagnosis that kills me anyway! Thanks for the heads up. My appt is right around the corner, but it sure seems to be taking forever to get here! So, what's the difference between clomid and metroformin? I hear people talk about both, but it seems they're for the same thing. Do you ladies know?


Otilia98 - June 15

Thanks Stepmommel, Metformin is drug to help our body use insulin better as it is common that woman who have PCOS do not use insulin well. Regulating that can sometimes induce ovulation. Clomid is a drug that simply induces ovulation. I am so frustrated with charting that I am giving up on it. And I am not going to waste my money on OPKs anymore because every time I take one it is positive! So it's a burden off but I wish I knew when I could expect something... I guess dh and I better be sure to bd at least every other until I get AF or BFP!



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