Irregular circles - how do I know
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V Halfpenny - November 16

I have had irregular periods since I started and that is why I went on the pill from a very early age. My cycles can be between 40 - 50 days so I don't know when I am ovulating. I had a miscarriage at the beginning of the year and we have been trying since. The signs i.e. discharge and my ovulation sticks don't seem to work - any advice from anybody. The hospital told us to do it every 2 nights but we are shattered - can anybody help me..


linds99 - November 16

Do you have polycystic ovarian syndrome? Your long cycles are indicative of that, also the miscarriage (I'm sorry to hear about that) can be another terrible result with this problem. Your ovulation stick probably don't work because your LH levels are off or you are anovulatory. These are just classic signs of the this problem. My advice for you is to get an RE or an obgyn to take an ultrasound of your ovaries for diagnosis. If you have PCOS, I bet all you need is Metformin to get your cycles normal and ovulating again at a more proper time, earlier in the cycle. Please check out the website, they have a lot of info on this dreadful issue. I have PCOS makes it hard to conceive a child, but not impossible.



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