Invitro success? success with frozen cycles?
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Nita - November 25

Has anyone had a succesful first attempt with IVF? Has anyone had success with frozen cycle? Has anyone had multiples due to IVF? How many embroys where implanted and how many if any split?


beth - November 25

nita-i wish i could answer your questions, but i started my first ivf cycle and this is day 12 for me. i have 7-10 almost mature follicles and my e2 level was 2700 today. based on research and talks with er, this sounds good so far. are you doing an ivf cycle now?


Nita - November 26

Hi Beth, many blessings on your cycle, so your numbers are rising? are you at the point where they are doubling? how many embryos did you have implanted? I have just gone through my first cycle began on 9/25/05 and it ended 11/23/05 with a d&c. I'm going to wait a month and try another cycle in Jan or Feb, but it will be with the frozen embryos.


beth - November 27

nita-i'm so sorry to hear of your unsuccessful cycle. its great though, that you have frozen embyros to use next time. how many do you have? please keep me posted. well, two days ago, my e2 was 2700 and yesterday it was 3900. i go in this morning and i think i'll do my trigger tonight for retreival on tuesday. i'm really nervous that my eggs won't fertilize and/or no implantation. i'm so emotionally and physically crazy right now because of all the hormones, sometimes i don't know what to think. keep your spirits up and stay positive for the next cycle!



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