Intracervical Insemination
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Chas - January 27

Hi all, I haven't posted here in a long while. Dh and I are still ttc naturally. I m/c in April of last year. It's getting to be another long wait !! my dh has low sperm count and as far as we know, I am healthy. We are hoping to try this ICI next week. My doc suggested it before going to a fertility doc and trying IUI. He says we are good canidates for it and it's worth a try. (less invasive and less expensive) I have to wait for my surge, which I am hoping will fall next Friday since I am already off work that day. Has anyone tried this??? Anyone heard of it ? Need some support. Thanks for listening. Good luck to all of you ttc, I know how hard it is and how impatient we can all be. I am tired of this waiting and not doing anything, so this year is the year !!


Chas - January 27

BTW we have been ttc for two years !


RainbowBJW - January 28

No offense Chas but my doc told me no one even does ICI anymore. He said it's outdated, but I guess at least save you some $$$ in the meantime. Although I've heard IUI is the "gold standard" for mild fertility problems, not too expensive if insurance will cover some and mine will if you us DH sperm. Good luck!


Chas - January 28

Well, he did tell me he hasn't done it in a few years, but I thought It was worth a try before we look into IUI. Thanks for the luck.. good luck to you too. I don't think my insurance will cover, but I am definately going to look into it.



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