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considering - April 25

HI all. Ok, I'm getting a little upset now. i came off of the pill in Jan and have only had one period since. I know I'm not ovulating because I have been charting my BBT (No temp spike) and have been using OPKs (No positives) I'm seriously considering ordering clomid from the internet. Has anyone ever done that?


bump - April 26



Heather - April 26

Considering - Call your dr! You can't start taking Clomid unless you have a period first. I was in the same boat. I went off the pill in August 03. From 8/03 to 12/04 I think I had a total of MAYBE 8 periods. 3 of which were all in a 7 week stretch! I was on bc for 8 years so my body is out of whack. I went to the dr & she gave me provera (had been 4mo with no period). I started glucophage but had terrible GI problems so I took the provera again and then Clomid as she prescribed and got pg the first month! I did m/c though (blighted ovum). My dr had no problem giving me the Clomid as I don’t have reg periods therefore I don't O on my own. I would strongly recommend you call your dr and get it prescribed. I am now trying the Clomid again. Believe me I know the frustration! But this is a baby you want and you have to be safe. Good luck! *~*~*~*~*~


jenny - April 27

hello i started clomid two months ago and i never had a period for 4 months and clomid started my periods on the first cylcle so yes you can take clomid even if u have not had a period my doctor sed clomid would start my periods and he was right. so gud luck


Silvie - April 28

Hi,Considering...I have the same experience as last period was Aug7 after going off the the end of Dec I was given Provera with no effect, so my Dr. on my request prescribed me Clomid...after first shot period didnt come,but just b/c I got pregnant right away/remember last period in August/

Good luck..and take Clomid regardless of having or not having period.


Heather - April 28

My dr was adamant about having to have a period BEFORE you start clomid. She is a young dr so I wonder about the difference in opinions on this subject.


Crystal - April 28

My dr also wants me to have a period before clomid. I have never had my period on my own. I have PCOS. I have a period if I take bc. My dr gave me provera to have a period this past month and then i took the clomid days 5-9. Today is day 31. I am suppose to call them if I dont have a period and then they are going to do a blood test and if it is negative then they will give me provera again and then I will take 100 mg of clomid this time. Wish me luck for no af and a BFP!!! Baby dust to all!


mi44 - April 28

You shouldnt start clomid if you havent had a period. I hardly had periods and will not ovulate on my own period or not. My doc put me on progesterone pills for 3 months to get a regular cycle. Then I started the clomid and ovulated and have had regular periods. I have read a couple people that has ordered Clomid from Mexico and it is supposed to be the same ingrediants and cheaper. I personally would go through your doc because it will be harder to do it on your own.


A - April 29

Definitely call your doctor for a prescription. NEVER order fertility drugs over the internet. There is no guarentee that you're getting what you ordered. I believe it's illegal to sell prescription drugs over the internet (in the US anyway). My husband is in law enforcement and he is currently investigating someone who is selling fertility drugs over the internet. Be careful - always go through your doctor.


Kelly - April 29

ANYBODY, how long did it take to start af after taking the Provera?


katy - April 29

I was in the same boat no period since Feb- Dr had to give me 2 doses of Provera to bring on period Staill waiting- should be coming soon, then I start clomid to release eggs. Dr will probably give you Provera 1 st before you take Clomid. I myself have been off pill since Dec with 3 reg cycles following then no period at all for 3 months. Ask your DR


kate - May 19

i had a miscarrage and the docter didn't want to help because i was only 20. when a woman have a need to become pregant its stronger than anything so yes, i did order from the internet and have never looked back. am on CD 11 so i hoped it has worked (i started on 50mg)


Crystal - May 19

Kelly> I have taken 3 rounds of provera and i have taken 10 pills each time and it normally takes 3-7 days after for me to start. Hope this helps!


Drew - May 19

Hi considering, I just started Clomid this month-under the suprevision of my gyn. Please do not oreder it off the net. For one you never know if thats what your really getting, people like to prey on others when they know they really want something. And two it can cause problems if your not monitered while taking it. There can be problems like overstimulation, and cysts ect. See your doc. I'm sure he/she would be more than happy to rx it for you and can moniter you. Good luck!


Nica - May 19

The reason why you should get a period before taking Clomid is to ensure the endometrium lining is at the right thickness should you become pregnant. If you go on Clomid without having a period first, your endometrium may be too thick and not too suitable for implantation.



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