Interesting insurance info for infertility
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Ann - March 9

I found this info on the net and thought it might be helpful to those with insurance questions: A handful of states have enacted laws requiring that infertility insurance coverage be either offered or provided. Most states however have no such laws and there is no federal law requiring that insurance plans cover infertility services.

The states listed below have mandated that health insurance plans include coverage of all or some aspects of infertility services.

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
West Virginia
Some of these mandates require that coverage be provided only by particular groups such as health maintenance organizations (HMOs). Many direct that certain medical conditions be met before coverage is provided. Some specifically mandate coverage for assisted reproductive technologies (ART), while others specifically limit or exclude it. A description of each state mandate is set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

The three states listed below have mandated that insurance companies make available policies that cover infertility treatment. However the laws do not require that employers pay for such policies so that individuals may not find those policies available through their employers. The ASRM Web site noted above also summarizes these state mandates.


The remaining 36 states do not have laws that require the provision or offer of infertility coverage. However several organizations including RESOLVE and the American Fertility Association are advocating the adoption of additional state infertility insurance mandates. Currently, campaigns to enact such mandates are particularly active in Florida, Maine and Pennsylvania. There also are ongoing efforts to strengthen the existing mandates in Connecticut and Texas.


Ann - March 9

Also, this was on In the 109th Congress (2005-2006), legislation has been introduced to require insurance coverage of infertility services. The Family Building Act of 2005 (HR 735), introduced by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), would require insurance coverage of infertility treatments (including up to 4 IVF attempts) by all health plans that also cover obstetrical benefits.


JessicaG. - March 10

Yes, everyone please sign this, me and my husband did about two weeks ago.....this will be great for alot of people!!!



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